Corporate Social Responsibility activity by Effectualites

July 16, 2016

Our Corporate Social Responsibility is a fundamental principle which affects business operations and the overall attitude of the organization towards all social and economic issues. Effectual has implemented a Corporate Social Responsibility program, which aims to address various environmental and social issues through active participation and contribution. The value of volunteering is widely acknowledged by the members of the organization as an integral component of the Effectual’s CSR activity. As a part of its CSR activities for the year, Effectual Services organized Blood Donation camp on Monday, 4 July, 2016. The blood donation camp was organized by Rotary International at our Noida office.

Speaking on the occasion, Amit Aggarwal, Co-founder, Effectual Services, said, “Social responsibility is inherent part of our business. This initiative was undertaken with an aim to make a positive impact on the larger community and increase awareness on the need for healthy blood that can be used for emergencies. Every year we spend a significant amount of our time in voluntary activities and contribute to the general welfare of the society”.

“Such initiatives are vital to the health sector and donating blood not only helps in saving millions of lives but also improves the health of a blood donor. Also, we strongly believe in uniting to help people in need and make a difference through a good cause like this,” said Amit Goel, Co-founder, Effectual Services.

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