Trademark Management


Your Trademark data must always be accurate. We can help you reduce data risks by identifying discrepancies in your Trademark portfolio and allowing you to keep data up to date consistent with that held at the public registries.

Using our worldwide attorney network, we can obtain certified copies of Trademark registrations and applications from the respective local offices.

We have a network of associates who can help you to protect your Trademarks worldwide.

We have access to Trademark docketing software allowing us to docket your Trademarks. Our Trademark docketing experts keep you posted on the status and upcoming deadlines well in advance in order to avoid last minute rush. We can also prepare and file online your new Trademark Applications in the US and India. Our professionally trained team can also assist you in response drafting for Office Actions.

Our Trademark experts have in depth experience in preparing new Application filings. We have collaborated with various Foreign Associates for filing support.The Team also refers the “Nice Classification” of “Goods and Services” to ensure that the Trademark form is correctly prepared. We also prepare other forms such as PoA, and Assignments for different countries.

This is one of the most vital steps of any Trademark due diligence process. In this process, our team conducts extensive verification of the assignment database. In case of any missing records, we prepare the assignment document and make sure that the same is filed and recorded with the respective office.

Trademark due diligence solution is designed for a Corporation faced with a question of identifying Trademarks from a large portfolio of Trademarks, or a company/firm looking forward to acquire brand/product from a portfolio. We have designed a one stop solution for meeting the diverse needs of our clients.