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Licensing & Litigation Support

Licensing & Litigation Support

Applicants and individual Inventors put lots of time and money in performing R&D for an invention and then getting a patent granted for the invention. But all this goes in vain if they don’t get a rightful return on their investment. A Patent provides a monopolistic right to the Assignee only and in order to practice the technology of the patent – others need to take a license from the Assignee. Our licensing and Litigation support services are designed to help the patent owners or inventors to ascertain that their patented technology is not being used without their consent, and enforcing their rights through Licensing and/or Litigating patents.

At Effectual Services we provide end to end support to our clients for monetizing their patents by Licensing and/or Litigation. Our Licensing and Litigation support services include – performing Infringement Search to identifying potential infringers, preparing detailed Evidence of Use (EoU) Charts including a detailed mapping of infringing product with the patent. We also assist in-house counsels in preparing cease and desist letters or drafting motions for initiating file infringement law suits, reviewing the invalidity contentions filed by the defendants.

On the defensive side, we have assisted many of our clients in performing comprehensive invalidity searches which have resulted in unearthing Invalidating prior art.

Effectual Services has a team of experienced workforce, consisting of Engineers, Bachelors, Masters and PhDs from varied technical backgrounds, including Computer Science and Information Technology, Electronics and Communications, Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences domain. Many of our team members have a Law degree in addition to the technical degrees making them ideal for Intellectual Property related services.