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Patent Management


As per various studies, over 90% of patents issued by the USPTO have errors related to the claimed terms, dependency in claims, claim duplicity, cited references, inventor names, specifications, etc. It is imperative for assignees to proofread patents to identify all the PTO/Applicant errors in a patent, ensure that these errors are not detrimental to a patent’s enforceability, ensure that the claim coverage of a patent is not altered and/or limited, the overall scope of a patent is not adversely affected.Effectual Services patent proofreading process is an extremely detailed analysis of a patent’s prosecution history to identify any PTO or applicant error. Our team members run thorough manual as well as automated checks simultaneously to ensure that a patent is free of any errors. Further, our teams ensure that all grammatical errors, typographical errors, and legal errors are eliminated. We review the entire specifications including drawing and report all errors to our clients to decide upon the next steps. We also prepare Certificate of Correction that can be filed with the PTO. This adds value to the issued patents.

Docketing is a clerical yet high risk job that can be more efficiently performed by people specializing in it. Outsourcing of docketing function leads to improved quality and reduction in cost spent on full time employees in administrative jobs. All important dates regarding patent application are properly docketed in advance and timely alerts are given so that the client does not lose any time line.

US patent law imposes a duty upon the patent applicant to disclose all known prior art references (patent as well as non-patent/product) that would be pertinent to determining the patentability of an application. Intentional non filing of an Information Disclosure Statement (IDS) can render an issued patent as invalid and non-enforceable. For preparing an IDS one source of references is any search report on a counterpart patent application (for example a PCT ISR or PCT International Preliminary Report on Patentability or a search report from a country outside of the US). Another source of references is the previous patent activity by the same applicant (for example previous patents in the same general area or previous patents by the same inventors). The duty of disclosure is continuing and obligates the disclosure of known art not only at the time of filing the application, but also during the prosecution thereof. Effectual Services team can prepare USPTO accepted IDS for their clients.

A translator that has both technical and linguist proficiency is the only person you should trust with the technical translation of a patent. We have capabilities to provide translation services to and from German, French, Japanese and Chinese languages.

Patent term adjustment is a critical calculation which determines whether the patent has the longest possible term. The process is laborious and time-consuming as it involves detailed study of the history of the patent and reviewing all important dates.

We help you to validate the patent term adjustment calculated by USPTO. Our in-house team of paralegals will ensure the full term of the patent. We also assist in preparing a ready to file request for reconsideration of the patent term adjustment in case the patent term adjustment is found incorrect.

A file history consists of valuable information related to the patent application. It communicates all the correspondence exchanged between the applicant and the examiner. The statements provided by the applicant during exchanges may be crucial to support licensing, litigation, and patent transactions. The applicant can make an amendment to the application to circumvent Examiners objections.

We assist you in performing a thorough review and analysis of the file wrapper. We help you in mining information from the file wrapper and perform relevant analysis in light of your business requirements.

A transfer of patent assets to new council involves updating the records with the patent office in a timely manner. It is imperative to validate data for patent assets during merger and acquisition or patent sale which includes change of ownership details and history, payment of maintenance fees, patent family and bibliographic details. Also, the record of ownership needs to be changed which involves preparing relevant forms to be filed with PTOs.

We help you to prepare and verify documents as per the legal requirements of local patent offices. Our paralegal team assists you in data verification and timely submission of appropriate documents as per varied requirements of different jurisdictions with an ability to deliver quality results.