Trademark Search

We have access to the industry’s leading databases that provide us with coverage of ~100+ jurisdictions. Some of these include Questel, SAEGIS, USPTO-TESS, WIPO Hague Express. Additionally, we search in 70+ free Trademark databases world wide. We have the capability to search for word marks, image marks, and phonetically similar marks to ensure comprehensive coverage.

In order to safeguard that your valuable marks are protected and enforced, we will monitor the marks for unauthorized and potentially damaging use. Our experts monitor status of Trademarks filed across the globe, be it your Trademark or your competitors mark. We make certain that we refer to the respective Trademark office website to ensure latest current legal status. We also monitor the filing of any Trademarks that are confusingly similar to your Trademark, so that a timely action can be initiated. Our trained professionals conduct Trademark watches on monthly or quarterly basis.

We search for any violation of your Trademark rights by monitoring a variety of sources for any counterfeit products that can possibly tarnish your brand’s image. We use a variety of sources such as product selling websites, marketing channels, social media etc.