Design Patent Application

Industrial Designs grants a protection to a specific design for its ornamental view or aesthetic appearance of an article, a product etc. An Industrial Design is a very specific kind of Intellectual Property which includes very limited verbal specifications. Hence, the drafter has a responsibility of explaining the whole design based on drawings alone and that is why the design patent includes not only the structural view but also view from different dimensions (front view, side view, top view) and even the perspective view. In some special cases, design applications also include three dimensional view, consisting of visible line (solid lines) and invisible lines (dotted lines). Because of these requirements the drawings in design patent require an architectural skill set which comes only after one has drafted a number of design cases.

Effectual Services provides design application preparation as per Indian patent office requirements. The team has vast experience in preparing design applications related to a number of domains including Biotech, Pharmaceutical, IT, computers, Telecom, Electronics, Mechanical, Automotive, Consumer durables. Using the latest in tools such as AutoCAD, CoralDRAW, SolidWorks, etc., we have been delivering zero error high quality design applications for law firms and corporate legal departments.