Bio-Sequence Search

Biological Sequences include DNA/RNA nucleotide sequences or amino acids sequences of protein. Searching for Bio-sequences includes finding a specific arrangement of sequences in a given patent or non patent document. Sequence search helps the inventors to ascertain whether the sequence is novel or not. Since the novelty of the sequence lies in the unique combination of nucleotides or amino acids, a keywords based search alone cannot capture the entire data-set including all the relevant results. Even if the desired sequence has a common name, not all patents would include the name and thus a number of such results may be missed during the keyword based search.

Some of the key tools used for sequence searching are – STN (Scientific Technical Networks), which is a network of more than 200 databases, BLAST searching etc.Sequence searching requires deep domain expertise as the databases such as STN are very expensive. There are Connect hour charges – for total time spent on the search, Searching costs – for executing each search query, and Display charges – for displaying each result charges need to be incurred. Therefore, one needs to be careful in designing the query as well as during the searching so that the relevant results are identified within minimal costs.

We at Effectual Services, have a team of Bio-technology experts who specialize in sequence searching. Over the years we have developed an in depth understanding of the working of these databases and have developed strategies to derive the expected output within minimal budget.