Patent litigation is a complex, resource intensive, and costly exercise. The task is particularly challenging while understanding and interpreting technical terms and construing of claim(s) of the patent. Broadly speaking, the decision to enforce or challenge a patent is a critical task and takes into account goals of the organization. Our litigation support team adopts a disciplined approach to analyze all aspects of the business, and accordingly advise you on issues faced and opportunities available. We gather deep understanding of complex patent cases for both patent holders and accused infringers in jurisdictions across the globe. We have the technical prowess to handle complex legal cases. Our team works closely with you and provides effective business solutions to protect your intellectual property and minimize the likelihood of litigation. We help you in performing various patent searches such as invalidity search, prior art search, claim charts, document review, code analysis, and tear down review and analysis of file wrapper/file history.


Pre-litigation assessment is expensive and involves a great deal of thought before framing an informed patent litigation strategy. One has to foresee the business risks, and accordingly prepare for the legal engagements.

The pre-filing infringement analysis involves legal and technical processes. The legal analysis is claim construction while the technical part is a comparison of the alleged infringing products/services with construed claims. We assist various US law firms in pre-filing investigations required before filing a patent infringement lawsuit.

We help law firms in drafting and reviewing infringement contentions. A disclosure including claim chart is required by the local court at the time of claiming patent infringement. Therefore, we provide claim charts which help in identifying each element of the asserted claim within each of the accused instrumentality. We work closely with you to develop infringement contentions supported by detailed technical analysis to support your law suit.

An invalidity search or prior art search involves conducting a thorough search in the patent and non-patent literature and identify references or elements that might invalidate the patent claim(s) in contention.

We have access to leading commercial patent and non-patent literature. We are well versed with various search methodologies such as IPC/CPC/US/F-term class based searching, keyword based searching, key inventor and assignee analysis, citation analysis, semantic search, etc.

Effectual’s expert team of advisors assists you in improving litigation outcomes by providing critical evidence and mining support through physical product testing, source code review, advanced document review, reverse engineering, and tear down analysis. Our unparalleled approach involves preparing claim charts and focus on concrete tangible outcomes. We also conduct extensive research to deliver services that best suit your business needs.

Deposition summary is one of the most valuable tools in patent litigation as it serves as a direct pre-trial evidence for lawyers, especially litigators, that can be produced in court. An accurate deposition summary helps lawyers by serving as an alternative to the complex task of reviewing lengthy legal transcripts.