Infringement Search

You have gone through a lot of hassle in order to obtain a patent, you are also maintaining the patent by paying timely maintenance fees. What next?

Your Patent provides a monopolistic right to you only and in order to practice the technology of the patent – others need to take a license from you. An infringement search is one of the most important searches designed to help the patent owners or inventors to ascertain that their patented technology is not being used without their consent.

We at Effectual Services help our clients by conducting detailed searches for identifying any products that may infringe on the patent, the infringement search results in identifying a list of products/services/standards that may be based on the technology of the subject patent.

The search process includes preparing a list of top players in the technology area related to the subject patent and preparing a list of target products, which includes searching on company/OEMs websites, 3rd party subscriptions & various other databases.

Once the relevant products are identified, the analysis is further completed by referring various catalogs, manuals, data sheets, white papers, product broachers, etc. to ascertain the infringement. At times, we also have performed hands-on product testing in order to ascertain infringement.

Depending on the claims of the patent, another approach is also taken to see if any of the latest standards incorporate the features of the patent. We have experience of working on different standards including IEEE 802, 3GPP, LTE, etc.

Effectual Services has a team of experienced workforce, consisting of Engineers, Bachelors, Masters and PhDs from varied technical backgrounds, including Computer Science and Information Technology, Electronics and Communications, Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences domain. Many of our team members have a Law degree in addition to the technical degrees making them ideal for Intellectual Property related services.