Market Research

Our Market Research and Assessment Service is a continuous process of assisting clients not only with the latest trend in the market but also with a detailed analysis of development of market in past and present. This helps our clients in identifying major competitors in the market and seize upon new market opportunities.

We at Effectual Services emphasize not only in gathering of data from different sources, but we also provide precise analysis and insights from our research outcome. Our in-depth and comprehensive review of relevant market helps our clients to have a clear picture on particular type of technology with respect to the market i.e. whether the market is ready for entry of the given technology.

Market Research plays a crucial role in infringement analysis and in decisions to enforce a patent. Conducting the right type of market research allows companies to determine the right kind of target at the right time in the current market situation and can help them out-license to or sue the most valuable targets in the market. To add value to the patent analysis, we perform the market analysis of the infringing product by performing primary research, including direct customer feedback about the product/services, as well as secondary research, including analyzing trade literature, websites, SEC filing, Manuals, Subscriptions, etc. This helps our client in developing a better understanding of the market share and the exposed revenue of an infringing product. Our team provides a complete spectrum of market research solutions focused towards intellectual property industry.