Evidence of Use chart is developed in order to cite evidences that a particular product/service or standard reads on each element of the patent claim, thus potentially infringing the patent. Detailed evidence of such charts helps in licensing negotiations, pre-litigation research, and patent transaction opportunities.

After analyzing the IP portfolio, we conduct infringement searches for the patents to look for potential infringers. We conduct infringement searches in diverse technology domains including electronics and communication, computer science, information technology, automobiles and mechanical technologies, chemical technologies, biotechnology, bio-medical equipments, and life sciences.

Organizations invest huge sums of money to develop their patent portfolios, but the real value can be derived from effective portfolio management. We help you in mining patents that provide a high return on investments through licensing or litigation. Additionally, we assist you in identifying valuable patents in the portfolio that can yield hundreds of thousand dollars in revenue. We assist you in mining patents that add value to your organization and can be used for the purpose of licensing or litigation.

Many firms need to bucket and rank their patent portfolios in order to evaluate opportunities and risks associated with their patents. We help you in bucketing the patents as per specific product or technology taxonomy.

IP Due Diligence is a process that controls the patent licensing activities. A good diligence report includes all details to be considered while making the licensing decision. It takes into account the legal and business requirements behind licensing. Some of the key elements of such a report are details about litigation and assignment history, family spread, strength based on objective and subjective parameters. Nevertheless, such reports are completely customizable.

Our Market Research Service is a continuous process of assisting clients not only with the latest trend in the market but also with a well detailed analysis of development of market in past and present. This helps our clients in identifying major competitors in the market and seize upon new market opportunities. We at effectual services emphasis not only in gathering of data from different sources, but we also provide precise analysis and insights from our research outcome.

Once we have done analysis on your patents to shortlist potential infringers or licensors/ buyers, we can extend our support in identifying relevant contact persons at these firms, their email address and phone numbers. The list can be extended to identify other similar companies/ competitors of infringing companies.

We help our clients to determine the Net Present Value (NPV) of their patent or patent portfolio based on the current market, similar companies, future market growth forecasting, product feasibility and more. The evaluation method is a detailed study into commercial feasibility, marketability, license-ability, associated risks and other factors.

In case you are considering to buy or license a portfolio, we can help do a quick assessment of the portfolio to mine out some good patents which can be useful for your product development, future licensing or infringement studies. The study is a combination of automated and manual analysis to keep the spend budget within limits and draw out the outliers from a big list.

Effectual’s expert team of advisors assists you in improving potential licensing outcomes by providing critical evidence and mining support through physical product testing, source code review, advanced document review, reverse engineering, and tear down analysis. Our unparalleled approach involves preparing claim charts and focus on concrete tangible outcomes. We also conduct extensive research to deliver services that best suit your business needs.