Indian Patent Application Drafting

Generally, patent drafters are experts in drafting US patent, thanks to outsourcing. However, when it comes to drafting Indian patents things are not exactly the same. Even if we talk about the basic patent laws, US laws speak of what cannot be patented and Indian laws talk about what can be patented.

At Effectual Services, we have in depth experience in drafting Indian patent applications – both provisional and complete applications, customized as per the defined statutory requirements of the Indian laws. All drafts are reviewed and verified against quality checklists developed based on the good drafting practice according to Indian laws. We ensure that all possible variations of the invention are anticipated and covered in the description.

We have a proven track record of drafting Indian patent applications in multiple technical fields including Computer Science and Information Technology, Electronics, Bio-medical, Pharmaceuticals etc . Our team comprises trained and experienced Indian Patent agents, Lawyers with relevant technical background, who have drafted more than 100 patent applications for filing in Indian patent office. Based on client requirements, we can also draft only specific sections of the patent application like background, description, etc.

At Effectual Services while drafting an Indian patent application we emphasise on:

  • Flaw-less understanding of the invention with the help of disclosure provided by the client or interviewing the client.
  • Defining the novelty based on the understanding and existing art.
  • Drafting the final set of claims in a broadest possible manner, keeping in mind the Indian laws.
  • Drafting complete specifications to capture all possible embodiments of the invention.