We have in-depth experience and expertise in drafting Indian patent applications (both provisional and non-provisional) in diverse technical fields including computer science and information technology, electronics, bio-medical, pharmaceuticals, mechanical, automotive, etc. All drafts are reviewed and verified against quality checklists. We ensure that all possible variations of the invention are covered in the description.While drafting an Indian patent application, we emphasize on:

  • Flawless understanding of the invention with the help of disclosure provided by you
  • Defining the novelty in light of the existing art
  • Drafting the final set of claims in a broadest possible manner as per the Indian law
  • Drafting complete specifications to capture all possible embodiments of the invention

An industrial design is required to identify and protect the aesthetics of the invention. To protect the design of the invention, the draftperson has the responsibility to prepare the drawings including structural view and different dimensions (front view, side view, top view), and perspective view.

To cater to your requirements in preparing quality design applications, we have the expertise to prepare patent drawings as per the formal requirements defined by Indian patent office. We assist you in maximizing the potential of your design patent by discussing the important aspects and developing strategic patent strategy. Our team has drafted hundreds of quality patent drawings for Fortune 500 clients by combining drafting skills with latest tools.

Patent filing in India is an elaborate and complex process, in which an applicant / inventor may waste a good amount of time if not well assisted by professionals who have expertise in patent filing. Incorrectly filled up forms may lead to loss of the priority right and / or may delay the priority date. Even after filing of the patent, there are other documents that need to be filed within prescribed timelines, such as a request for examination. Missing of deadline for such timely filings may lead to deemed withdrawal of the patent and render the time and money invested as waste.

Opposition Searches can be conducted either before or after the grant of the patent. Pre-grant opposition can be filed by an entity after publication of the application whereas post-grant opposition is filed within 12 months from the grant of the patent. The Indian Patent Act provides a variety of grounds which may form one basis for a pre/post grant opposition. A pre/post grant opposition is one of the most effective business strategies being used by many organizations in order to oppose the monopolistic position provided by the patent to an assignee.

We assist you in monitoring patents filed by competitors and successfully filing pre and/or post grant oppositions by conducting comprehensive searches. With in-depth understanding and knowledge of the Indian Patent Act, we help you to conduct searches in patent and non-patent literature to identify prior art that might affect the validity of a granted patent. We supplement our searches with detailed evaluation of the file wrapper and prosecution history. We work in parallel with you and devise innovative solutions to ensure that the results delivered emulates the quality standards set by you. We have access to industry’s leading tools for searching patent and non-patent literature such as Thomson Innovation, Orbit (Questel), TotalPatents (LexisNexis), etc.

Inventors invest lots of time and money in performing research and development for an invention and obtaining a patent. But all this goes in vain if they don’t get a return on their investment. Patent litigation is a complicated process due to the difficulty in any construing of claims and understanding technical terms and concepts.

Our licensing and litigation support services are crafted to comprehensively analyze the commercial prospects of your patent(s). Our services include performing infringement search to identify potential infringers, prepare detailed Evidence of Use (EoU) charts, detailed mapping of infringing product. We assist you in preparing cease and desist letters or draft motions for initiating infringement law suits, and review the invalidity contentions filed by the defendants. We also assist you in performing quality prior art searches including analysis of references and patent claim charts.With in-depth understanding of various parameters associated with patents, we assist you in a number of domains including life sciences, information technology, and engineering.

We work closely work with you during the entire patent prosecution phase; right from filing of the application to its grant. The patent application filing involves managing complex procedures and submitting requisite documents under strict timelines as prescribed by the Indian patent office.

Over the years, we have assisted in filing patent applications for international law firms, attorneys, companies, and inventors in India. We offer patent related services to Indian companies for domestic patent filings and international companies which are looking to foray in the Indian market. We assist you in preparing the correct filing forms for filing Indian patents, national phase of PCT applications and obtaining foreign filing licenses (FFL), certified priority documents, etc. For a profitable entry into the Indian market, we have an experienced workforce consisting of patent agents, lawyers, and paralegals having in-depth expertise in preparing accurate filings and adhering to the timelines defined by the Indian patent office.