Patent proofreading involves complete scrutiny of patent and patent applications. A significant percentage of issued patent have errors which occurred during the drafting or prosecution stage. These errors might limit the scope of the patent or lead to its revocation post grant. Although a laborious task, it is crucial to proofread patent applications to identify discrepancies in patents such as missing antecedent references, incorrect status indicators, and inconsistent numbering of claims, incorrect names of inventors, attorneys or assignees, spelling mistakes, or any preliminary amendments during the prosecution stage. Errors in the priority information might lead to serious repercussions which may even result in abandonment of a patent.

The proofreading process involves technical and legal understanding of the patent application. Our team performs a detailed analysis of the prosecution history of the patent document to locate errors that are made either by the applicant or patent office. Over the years, we have worked with various Fortune 500 companies and law firms and develop best proofreading practices for various jurisdictions including the US, EP, Australia, etc. We also prepare ready to file correction request (certificate of correction in the USPTO) that can be filed with the PTOs, thus saving your time and costs.

Outsourcing of docketing services can lead to improved quality and minimize the cost involved in hiring docketing professionals. With a robust approach and defined methodologies, we assist you in updating and maintaining all IP records.

Docketing services involves managing intellectual assets as per the statutory timelines prescribed by the patent law. These services are of immense value when there are large numbers of IP cases to be monitored and updated. Many organizations are increasingly looking to outsource end-to-end docketing functions to minimize costs.

We help you to maintain and update all important correspondence from the patent office including pre-filing, post-filing, and post-grant dates. With in-house docketing specialists, we provide such services as processing and docketing all PTO actions and deadlines associated with your IP assets.

Our team is trained on such docketing platforms as Patricia, IP Manager, Memotech, Anaqua, Foundation IP, CPI, PATTSY, etc. Some of our clients have developed in-house docketing tools which are managed by our experts on a daily basis.

All patent applicants have a duty to disclose any known prior art that is material to the patentability of claim(s) while filing at the patent office. The duty to disclose is continual and obligates the disclosure of prior art at the time of filing an application or during the prosecution of the patent application. Failure to comply with the obligation may amount to inequitable conduct, thereby invalidating the patent. Specifically, the USPTO requires the applicants to file an Information Disclosure Statement (IDS). There are multiple sources for such prior art such as a search report on a patent family, references cited by the examiner in an office action of a family member, etc. It becomes cumbersome and expensive for an inventor/applicant to track such prior art over a period of time.

We assist you in complying with the obligation by timely and accurately locating prior art references in a cost-effective manner. We prepare easy to follow citation matrices and audit reports that enable you to track all family members and references from all possible sources. We also prepare ready to file IDS forms as per the latest format prescribed by the PTO.

We assist you in providing technical translation of US patents, EU patents, PCT patents, Japanese patents, and Chinese patents. Over the years, we have gained extensive experience in translation of PCT and EP patents in most European and Asian languages. Our team consists of native translators with experience in patent translation as per the patent laws. The translated patents are checked and prepared in the format prescribed as per the national patent laws. We have the ability to deliver quality translations of patents and technical documents in such languages as Japanese, German, Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish, and Russian.

To minimize costs, we also provide patent translation services tailored on a project basis. We also provide flexibility in selecting a portion of the patent document to be translated and then suggest whether a complete translation would be beneficial to save your valuable time and money on all your patent prosecution and litigation translations.

Patent term adjustment is a critical calculation which determines whether the patent has the longest possible term. The process is laborious and time-consuming as it involves detailed study of the history of the patent and reviewing all important dates.

We help you to validate the patent term adjustment calculated by USPTO. Our in-house team of paralegals will ensure the full term of the patent. We also assist in preparing a ready to file request for reconsideration of the patent term adjustment in case the patent term adjustment is found incorrect.

A file history consists of valuable information related to the patent application. It communicates all the correspondence exchanged between the applicant and the examiner. The statements provided by the applicant during exchanges may be crucial to support licensing, litigation, and patent transactions. The applicant can make an amendment to the application to circumvent Examiners objections.

We assist you in performing a thorough review and analysis of the file wrapper. We help you in mining information from the file wrapper and perform relevant analysis in light of your business requirements.

A transfer of patent assets to new council involves updating the records with the patent office in a timely manner. It is imperative to validate data for patent assets during merger and acquisition or patent sale which includes change of ownership details and history, payment of maintenance fees, patent family and bibliographic details. Also, the record of ownership needs to be changed which involves preparing relevant forms to be filed with PTOs.

We help you to prepare and verify documents as per the legal requirements of local patent offices. Our paralegal team assists you in data verification and timely submission of appropriate documents as per varied requirements of different jurisdictions with an ability to deliver quality results.