Drafting a patent is a critical function in the patent life-cycle. This helps you to protect your invention highlighting the inventive elements for which the protection is sought. An improper enablement and explanation of the invention can allow competitors to get away with infringement, thus forfeiting your rights as an assignee. Flawless and efficient drafting of patents involves incorporating all possible embodiments and the broadest possible scope of the invention in light of the existing art. With in-depth expertise in the IP space, we prepare high-quality patent drafts and review and verify them against a checklist. While drafting a patent application

Office action drafting and filing requires a thorough understanding of the law, the invention, and the cited art. It also involves discussing the invention and cited art with the examiner and assignee. Effectual’s expert team of advisors assists you in assessing the irregularities in the patent filing documents and convincing the examiner either with arguments or making necessary amendments in the patent claims. For minimizing the estoppels against the applicant, we analyze all aspects by clearly pointing out the distinction between the prior art and the invention. Our team of skilled techno-legal professionals has extensive experience in prosecuting patent applications and drafting quality responses for patents filed across jurisdictions including US, EP, India, and Australia. We ensure that any unclaimed subject matter is brought to the clients notice so that timely amendments are made to capture broadest possible scope of the patents. Given the preparation and analysis required to respond to office actions, we prepare detailed responses including broadest possible claims, technical reviews, and recommendations. We assist you in drafting such office action responses that are to be reviewed and filed by client’s in-house attorneys or outside counsel. Additionally, we help in-house attorneys of organizations to review the drafts of their responses to office actions. This includes detailed technical analysis of the references cited by the examiner and identifying the technical differences between the cited art and the invention. The benefits our services include:

  • Preparing quality responses to office actions
  • Subject matter experts for strategizing amendments and arguments for a patent application to maximize impact and scope of claims
  • Technical analysis of cited art and office actions

Patent filing is an elaborate and complex process which involves technical and legal requirements. Post filing the patent, there are other documents that need to be provided as per the timelines. Over the years, Effectual Services has assisted clients worldwide in filing patent applications in various jurisdictions including US, EP, WIPO, Australia, Japan, and China. Our network consists of associates who deliver superior patent filing services at competitive prices. In addition to this, we have a team of experienced lawyers and paralegals having vast experience in filing patent applications. We prepare ready-to-file documents in the format prescribed by respective PTOs so that the paralegals and attorneys have to spend minimum time in completing the forms.

To simplistically define an invention, illustrations are developed as a mandate by many patent offices while filing a patent application. Creating a patent illustration requires skills to define the structural view and functional behavior of the invention and enhance its readability and understanding. After gaining an in-depth understanding of invention, we help you develop drawings and illustrations for your patent application. Our expert team of experienced and trained draftsmen assists you in preparing drawings as per the US, Indian, European, Chinese, Korean, Australian, Japanese, and various other patent office requirements

A design patent protects only the appearance of the article and does not include structural or utility features. It consists of very limited verbal specifications and covers the novel ornamental aspect of a product. Furthermore, it is critical to capture the views of the invention from various angles – front, sides, top, bottom and perspective view. Effectual has a team of established domain experts and draftsmen who prepare drawings as per the US, Indian, European, Chinese, Korean, Australian, Japanese, and various patent office requirements. Using the latest technology including AutoCAD, TurboCAD, CorelDRAW, SolidWorks, and Visio, we ensure that we deliver quality drawings to law firms and corporate legal departments.

Filing a patent application is a cumbersome task and incurs cost throughout the patent lifecycle. A defensive publication or disclosure strategy helps your invention to serve as a prior art, thus preventing others from obtaining patents on the same technology. The invention must describe and disclose all elements of the claimed invention and publish it in the public domain. The strategy is useful for clients as it acts as evidence that the invention was publicly available, thus preventing issuance of a patent to a competitor or provide defense to defeat the novelty of the subsequent application. The primary reason to use defensive publication is to minimize cost over patent applications. A defensive publication needs to be properly drafted and should include all the possible embodiments, or another applicant may get a patent for a narrower version of the invention. Our team arms you with business-centric intelligence that enables you to take informed decisions to pursue an application for patent or publish it as a defensive publication. We leverage our operations and industry expertise to draft defensive publications including claims, specifications, and drawings in accordance with the patent law. We help you to identify prior art and draft quality claims with descriptive illustrations. Our network comprises of experienced draftsmen who have drafted hundreds of defensive publication documents for various organisations and published them in such resources as TM, statutory invention registration (SIRs) for filing with USPTO (pre-AIA stage).

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