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At Effectual, we understand that navigating the ever-changing technology and business landscape can be challenging. That's why we offer comprehensive Technology & Business Landscape services tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. Our expert team is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that drive growth, enhance efficiency, and maximize your competitive advantage. In today's dynamic business environment, staying informed about the latest technology trends is crucial before embarking on significant research and development projects. Many companies seek to understand popular technologies and assess the need for new products or innovations before initiating their projects. This is where our Technology Landscape Studies prove invaluable.

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At Effectual, we understand how important it is for businesses to know about the technology they want to work with. Whether you're creating something new or improving an existing product, having the right information is key to success. And we can help you by providing right information, including :

Finding Portfolio Gaps

We help you figure out what's missing in your current lineup of products and show you what new ideas are out there.

Understanding Competitors

We study what your competitors are doing with technology. This way, you can see what works for them and make smart decisions for your own business.

Keeping Up with Tech Changes

Technology is always evolving. We keep you updated on the newest technologies so you can stay ahead in your industry.

Spotting Research Gaps

We help you find areas where more research is needed. This guides your efforts in the right direction.

Detailed Analysis

We give you a thorough overview of different technologies, including their pros and cons. This helps you plan your strategies effectively.

Finding Opportunities

We identify chances for growth within specific technology areas. This helps you make smart investments and expand your business.


At Effectual Services, our landscape team employs a meticulous three-phase approach to conduct comprehensive patent analyses, aiding clients in their decision-making processes. Here’s a detailed breakdown of our methodology

Step 1

Understanding the Technology

In this initial phase, our experts immerse themselves in the specific domain of interest, gaining profound insights into the technology under scrutiny. This deep understanding forms the foundation of our analysis.

Step 2

Research and Identification

We execute a thorough search across global patent and non-patent databases, focusing on content available in the English language and utilizing machine translation when necessary.

Our search strategies encompass a variety of methods :

  • Keyword-based Searching : Utilizing relevant keywords to identify pertinent patents and non-patent literature

  • Class-based Searching : Employing IPC/USC/CPC classifications to categorize and filter search results effectively

  • Assignee and inventor-based Searching : Identifying patents associated with specific entities or inventors

  • Citation Searching : Analyzing related patents to uncover interconnected technologies and trends

  • For patents, we utilize databases such as Orbit (from Questel, covering ~100 jurisdictions), Derwent Innovation (encompassing ~100 jurisdictions worldwide), Google Patent, Patentscope, The Lens, Espacenet etc.

    Non-patent literature searches include prominent databases like ScienceDirect, PubChem, Pubmed, CiteseerX, Google, and Google Scholar to retrieve relevant prior art.

Step 3

Analysis and Reporting

Relevant patent references are identified through meticulous screening of Titles, Abstracts, and Claims.

Identified references are categorized into distinct taxonomies , facilitating a structured understanding of the technology landscape.

The categorized results undergo in-depth analysis, enabling us to extract valuable trends and insights from the data.

Deliverables : We provide a comprehensive MS Excel-based report detailing project specifics, relevant patent families, search strategy, and taxonomy mapping.
Additionally, we create an MS PowerPoint presentation highlighting identified trends and actionable insights. This format allows for both high-level overviews and detailed examinations of specific patent documents.
Our methodology ensures a systematic and insightful analysis, enabling businesses to make informed decisions based on a thorough understanding of the technology and business landscape.
At Effectual, we recognize the importance of having the right information when developing new products or improving existing ones. Our Technology & Business Landscape services provide essential insights to empower your business and drive success in a rapidly changing market.

What Our Partners Say

Effectual Services conducted a comprehensive patent landscape study for a leading automotive client exploring hydrogen fuel cells in transportation. Overcoming challenges of technological clarity and competition, Effectual analysis provided deep insights, enhancing the client's strategic decision-making. Their expertise ensured legal compliance, empowering the client with a competitive edge and valuable collaboration opportunities in the market.

Automotive Company

Effectual Services' tailored patent landscape study was instrumental in overcoming our mRNA vaccine development challenges. Their comprehensive analysis guided us in navigating the evolving landscape, ensuring stability, addressing genetic variability, and meeting stringent regulatory standards. Their expertise provided vital insights, greatly enhancing our project's success.

Biotech Company

Effectual Services' comprehensive patent landscape analysis was invaluable in addressing our phage therapy challenges. Effectual Services not only addressed these hurdles but also enabled us to identify collaboration opportunities and refine our R&D strategies. Their expertise and dedication significantly contributed to our success in the phage therapy field, making them our go-to choice for patent landscape projects.

Biopharma Company

We engaged Effectual Services to conduct a patent landscape study and address the complex challenges in E-Waste Recycling Technologies, and the results were nothing short of remarkable. Their comprehensive study provided tailored solutions, revolutionizing our approach and achieving our mission. Their innovative expertise and commitment have been instrumental in our success, making them our top recommendation for patent landscape studies and strategic solutions

Chemical company

Our partnership with Effectual Services for a patent landscape study in the animal feed industry was transformative. We faced challenges in ensuring feed quality, sustainability, and safety. Effectual Services provided innovative solutions that exceeded our expectations, enhancing quality and reducing costs. We wholeheartedly endorse Effectual for their exceptional patent landscape studies and strategic solutions in the animal feed industry.

Food Technology company

We approached Effectual Services with a vision to overcome the intricate challenges plaguing lithium-air battery technology. Our challenges in developing lithium-air batteries were multifaceted, encompassing stability, cycle life, efficiency, and safety concerns. Thanks to their expertise, we now have a clearer path to realizing the extraordinary potential of lithium-air batteries, and we're excited about the positive impact this technology can have on our industry and the world. We wholeheartedly recommend Effectual Services for their unwavering commitment to solving complex technological challenges and propelling innovation forward.

Energy Sector company

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