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In today's fast-paced business environment, innovation isn't a choice; it's a fundamental requirement. Companies often face challenges that demand advanced solutions beyond their in-house capabilities. Enter Effectual’s specialized scouting team, ready to help you navigate your innovation hurdles. Our Market Disruptive Technology Services focus on market disruption analysis, which entails identifying disruptive technologies and evaluating their impact on existing markets through patent and non-patent data analysis. At Effectual, we are driven by a passion for innovation, a commitment to excellence, and a dedication to helping businesses thrive in an increasingly competitive world. We understand the ever-evolving technology landscape and its profound impact on business. Our mission is to empower your organization with cutting-edge solutions that transcend traditional boundaries, ensuring you stay at the forefront of innovation.

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Here's how our clients benefit from our Market Disruptive Technology Analysis

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Our scouting team keeps a vigilant eye on the technological horizon, identifying disruptive technologies early to keep you ahead of the competition.

Enhanced Strategic Decision-Making

Our analysis provides insights for informed decisions regarding investments, partnerships, and product development, reducing the risk of outdated investments.

Improved Competitive Position

Effectual empowers your company to embrace disruptive technologies, enhancing your competitiveness and helping you set industry standards.

Optimized Resource Allocation

We help you understand which technologies are likely to reshape the market, enabling efficient resource allocation.

Innovation Roadmap

Our insights offer a roadmap for innovation within your organization, preparing you to leverage new technologies as they mature.

Cost Optimization

By proactively adopting disruptive technologies, you can optimize operations, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.

Market Expansion

Leveraging market-disruptive technologies opens doors for business growth and expansion into new markets, untapped customer segments, and diversified product or service portfolios.

Innovation Ecosystem Integration

We not only provide data but also connect you with the broader innovation ecosystem, fostering collaboration with startups, research institutions, and technology partners.

Risk Mitigation

Our comprehensive analysis identifies not only opportunities, but potential risks associated with disruptive technologies, allowing you to prepare and mitigate challenges effectively.

Stay Relevant

As the business landscape evolves, staying relevant is crucial. Our services ensure your company remains at the forefront of technological developments, reinforcing your image as an industry leader."


At Effectual, we are more than service providers; we are your strategic collaborators in shaping the future of your business. Here's how we guide you through the process of Market Disruptive Technology Analysis

Step 1

Data Collection

We employ a rigorous approach to gather the essential data required for our analysis. This includes

Patent and Non-Patent Literature Searches : We utilize advanced tools and databases to conduct thorough searches, ensuring no potential innovation remains undiscovered. Our search strategies encompass

  • Keyword-based Searching

  • Class-based Searching, including IPC/USC/CPC classifications

  • Assignee and Inventor-based Searching

  • Citation Searching to identify related patents

  • For patent data, we leverage databases such as Orbit (from Questel, covering approximately 100 jurisdictions), Derwent Innovation (covering around 100 jurisdictions worldwide), Google Patent, and Espacenet.

    Our non-patent literature searches extend to relevant databases such as ScienceDirect, PubChem, Pubmed, CiteseerX, Google, and Google Scholar to ensure retrieval of pertinent prior art.

    We also conduct secondary market research by analyzing data from product catalogs, company websites, press releases, market news, e-commerce websites, technology reviews, case studies, and more to uncover disruptive technology information.

Step 2

Data collection analysis

Disruptive Technology Analysis & Impact Assessment : We move beyond mere identification to assess the potential impact of these technologies on your existing markets. This evaluation helps you comprehend the magnitude of change that might be on the horizon.

  • Identify Disruptive Technologies : Based on data analysis, we pinpoint technologies with the potential to disrupt the market through :

  • Using Terms Related to Disruptive Technology

  • Comparing the Identified Technology with Conventional Technology

  • Study of Novel or Distinctive Features

  • Assess Potential Impact : We evaluate how these disruptive technologies might impact existing markets and industries through

  • Analysis of Innovative Steps, Features, and Their New Applications, and How They Impact Market and Business Revenue

  • Patent Citation Analysis : We conduct patent citation analysis to identify influential patents within the chosen domains. Frequently cited patents often indicate foundational technologies. We analyze the citations to understand the lineage of innovations and their impact on the industry.

    Technology Clustering and Mapping : We use patent data to cluster related technologies, utilizing tools like citation networks and co-citation analysis to map the landscape of interconnected technologies. This helps identify clusters experiencing high patent activity, indicating areas of rapid innovation.

    Emerging Startups and Research Institutions : We monitor the activities of startups and research institutions, analyzing their patent filings, publications, and collaborations. Startups and academic institutions are often at the forefront of disruptive innovations.

Step 3

In-Depth Assessments

Our team conducts both technical and market analyses, delving deeper into key decision-making criteria. We analyze technical parameters, assessing the technology's compatibility with your existing infrastructure, while simultaneously providing a market overview to gauge its market potential and competitive landscape.

Step 4

Technological Integration Assessment

  • Reporting and Presentation : We believe in providing clear, actionable insights and offer :

  • Comprehensive Reporting : We generate a detailed Excel-based report encompassing a project overview, our methodology, and a comprehensive list of disruptive technologies from patent and non-patent literature. This report offers a transparent account of our findings and recommendations.

  • Visual Presentation : To enhance clarity and impact, we create a PowerPoint presentation showcasing the top technology recommendations. This visual representation highlights the key benefits and potential of the chosen innovation, aiding you in your decision-making process.

What Our Partners Say

Effectual's Market Disruptive Technology Analysis in functional ingredients for beverages reshaped our product strategy. Their insights identified transformative ingredients, propelling our offerings to new heights. With their expertise, we've gained a competitive edge in the market. Effectual's dedication to innovative analysis is unmatched. Highly recommended for driving market disruption.

Food and Beverages Company

Effectual's analysis on CRISPR-Cas9 was a game-changer for our company. Their insights identified cutting-edge applications that allowed us to pioneer new treatments and therapies. Thanks to Effectual's deep analysis of CRISPR-Cas9, we harnessed the potential of this technology to optimize our gene editing processes, resulting in more precise and efficient research.

Biotech Company

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