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Opportunity assessment is a pivotal process that provides invaluable insights into potential avenues for business expansion and the advancement of technology-driven products. At Effectual, our Opportunity Assessment team adopts a comprehensive approach, delving deep into market insights, analyzing current industry trends, and focusing on future growth prospects. By leveraging a wealth of data and expertise, we identify strategic opportunities that not only enhance the existing business portfolio but also serve as stepping stones for future growth and innovation.

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How Effectual Helps Clients with Opportunity Assessment

Evaluate Current Business

Effectual conducts a comprehensive analysis, identifying strengths and weaknesses to understand the starting point effectively.

Identify Growth Areas

Expand Existing Business Explore untapped markets or demographics, enhance offerings based on feedback and trends.

Identify Growth Areas

Create New Business Identify emerging markets and develop innovative products catering to evolving needs.

Identify Growth Areas

Grow Periphery/Ancillary Business Explore complementary services or products, consider diversification into related sectors.

Technological Integration

Explore innovative technologies to enhance operational efficiency and customer experience, evaluate digital solutions, automation, and AI applications.

Collaborations and Partnerships

Seek strategic collaborations with partners or startups for mutual growth, explore joint ventures or alliances to access new markets and resources.

Financial Viability Assessment

Conduct financial analysis to evaluate growth opportunities, assess ROI, cost implications, and revenue potential for each identified opportunity.

Strategic Roadmap

Develop a clear roadmap outlining short-term and long-term objectives, prioritize growth areas, and outline actionable steps for implementation.

Continuous Monitoring and Adaptation

Implement a robust monitoring system to track the progress of initiatives, stay agile, and adapt strategies based on market feedback and changing landscapes.


Effectual's Market Opportunity Assessment services are crafted to accelerate your business growth. Our approach incorporates the following essential methods

Step 1

Defining Objectives

Clearly outline the goals of the opportunity assessment, focusing on market expansion, product diversification, or identifying technology-driven opportunities.

Step 2

Understanding Client Technology

Comprehensively grasp the client's technology landscape, aligning the assessment accurately with their objectives.

Step 3

Data Collection

Conduct comprehensive searches across global patent and non-patent databases, emphasizing English content and utilizing machine translation when necessary.

Utilize diverse methods like keyword-based, class-based, assignee, inventor-based, and citation searching.

Access databases such as Orbit, Derwent Innovation, Google Patent, Patentscope, The Lens, and non-patent resources like Science Direct and PubChem.

Gather market data, news, annual reports, press releases, and regulatory updates related to the client's technology.

Step 4

Data Analysis and Market Research

Identify relevant technology associated with the client's business.

Categorize identified references into structured taxonomies for a clear technology understanding.

Conduct in-depth analysis to extract valuable trends and insights.

Study market reports and industry analyses to comprehend market dynamics, consumer behavior, and competitive landscape.

Identify potential market gaps, unmet needs, and underserved segments for value creation.

Step 5

Opportunity Assessment

Find the opportunity provided by the technology and segregate the relevant technology into the opportunities like

Our search strategies encompass a variety of methods :

  • New Business : Emerging technologies driving innovation, creating disruptive products/services, and establishing new markets.

  • Grow Business : Technologies optimizing operations, enhancing customer experiences, and enabling scalable growth.

  • Ancillary Business : Supportive technologies/services enhancing specific industries' operations and offerings.

  • Technology Integration : Technologies integrated into existing business processes, ensuring efficiency and seamless incorporation of diverse technologies like automation, software, AI, block chain, and cybersecurity services.

  • Evaluate potential risks related to technology and it is opportunity adoption, market entry, or regulatory challenges.

    Assess identified technologies based on parameters like innovation potential, market readiness, scalability, and regulatory compliance.

    Determine the feasibility of these technologies into the existing business framework.

    Develop robust risk mitigation strategies tailored to address identified challenges.

    Effectual conducts a SWOT analysis to identify internal strengths, weaknesses, as well as external opportunities and threats. This helps in understanding the market context and devising strategies that align with the client's goals.

    By conducting a PESTLE analysis, Effectual explores the political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental factors affecting the market. This macro-environmental analysis helps in understanding the market landscape, foreseeing potential challenges, and identifying favorable conditions for market entry or expansion.

    Rank and compare identified technology in each opportunity.

    Risk Reward Analysis and Segregate the technology and it is opportunity into the four categories like

  • Equal Low : Low, proportional risk and reward. Stable, modest returns with minimal risk

  • Equal High : High, proportional risk and reward. High-risk, high-reward opportunities for ventures seeking substantial returns and accepting significant risks.

  • Positive : Balanced risk-reward. Moderate risks, substantial profit potential, appealing to businesses aiming for balanced growth and returns with limited risk.

  • Negative : High risk, low immediate rewards. Ideal for ventures with high-risk tolerance or long-term strategic goals.

  • Prioritize top opportunities aligned with the company's strategic objectives and capabilities.

Step 6

Strategic Recommendations

Provide detailed recommendations on how the company can capitalize on identified opportunities.

Suggest strategic partnerships, investments, or acquisitions to expedite the implementation of strategies.

Effectual employs synergy analysis techniques to estimate the benefits resulting from strategic mergers or acquisitions. By identifying areas of overlap and potential enhancements, the analysis guides decisions on market entry, partnership formations, and resource optimization.

Step 7


Comprehensive Report : Deliver a comprehensive MS Excel-based report detailing project specifics, relevant technologies from patents and NPL against competitor technology, technology comparisons, search strategy, and taxonomy mapping.

Visual Representation : We create an MS PowerPoint presentation highlighting identified opportunities and actionable insights for effective communication and decision-making.

What Our Partners Say

Effectual Market Opportunity Assessment was a game-changer for our healthcare technology firm. Their expertise in AI and data analytics illuminated new avenues for patient care and operational efficiency. Truly exceptional insights !

Healthcare Industry

Effectual technology Opportunity Assessment in the biotech-pharma sector was truly transformative for our organization. Leveraging their expertise, they explored cutting-edge technologies such as CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing, unraveling new avenues for precision medicine. Effectual identified a groundbreaking opportunity: harnessing CRISPR-Cas9 technology to develop targeted therapies for rare genetic disorders, a previously unexplored market segment. Their insights have set us on a path towards pioneering advancements and substantial growth in the rapidly evolving biotech-pharma landscape.

Biotech-pharma company

Recently, our company enlisted Effectual expertise to assess the latest advancements in Chemistry technology. Their comprehensive analysis found a groundbreaking innovation in 'Nano-catalysis for Sustainable Energy Production'. Effectual insightful evaluation not only identified this cutting-edge technology but also revealed a new opportunity for us - the development of eco-friendly energy solutions utilizing Nano-catalysis. Their expertise has truly opened doors to pioneering ventures, driving our business towards a sustainable and innovative future.

Chemical industry

Effectual insights on electric vehicle technology were invaluable. Their market assessment empowered us to refine our product line, keeping us ahead in the race for sustainable transportation solutions. Their grasp of emerging trends is unparalleled.

Automotive Innovator

Effectual analysis of 5G technology’s potential market impact was enlightening. Effectual discovered a significant opportunity in the ancillary business. Leveraging 5G Edge Computing, we successfully expanded our services into IoT solutions, creating innovative offerings and tapping into new revenue streams. Effectual's strategic approach reshaped our business landscape, leading us to unparalleled success.

Telecommunications Leader

Effectual insights into renewable energy technologies were transformative. Their market assessment on solar innovations and energy storage solutions drove our R&D efforts. Their expertise fueled our commitment to a greener, more sustainable future.

Energy Sector Executive

Effectual Aerospace Market Opportunity Assessment transformed our product development. Their analysis inspired groundbreaking innovations, leading to a new business opportunity. Their expertise led to the discovery of 'Quantum Aerospace Computing,' revolutionizing aerospace computations. Their dedication to technological excellence is commendable.

Aerospace Industry Innovator

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Don't miss the chance to leverage our proven expertise. Tap into our knowledge and experience today to drive your business to new heights.

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