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IP watch is a systematic and proactive process that involves the continuous monitoring and surveillance of various intellectual property assets such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. The primary goal of this comprehensive approach is to safeguard the rights and interests of individuals or organizations by promptly identifying potential infringements and staying abreast of the latest developments in the ever-evolving landscape of intellectual property. This diligent and vigilant stance is essential in preserving the security and exclusivity of valuable intellectual assets, which, in turn, helps in maintaining a competitive edge within the market.

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The Effectual service has specialized teams

The Effectual service has specialized teams that plays a crucial role in monitoring and tracking third-party inventions that share technical similarities with the proprietary intellectual property under scrutiny. By swiftly issuing notifications and creating specific strategic plans to counter and prevent potential infringements, this service actively contributes to the ongoing protection and preservation of valuable assets. Leveraging state-of-the-art technological systems, the patent watch meticulously scrutinizes patents and utility models filed across diverse jurisdictions, thereby ensuring comprehensive coverage and timely detection of potential conflicts.

This robust monitoring process is particularly invaluable for proprietors looking to uphold the continued protection and value of their intellectual assets, especially when these innovations are integral to their core business operations. By promptly notifying and providing appropriate response strategies upon the detection of inventions with comparable technical characteristics, this service effectively minimizes the risks associated with potential infringements and significantly reduces the overall expenses linked to resolving complex industrial property disputes.

Types of IP watch services


At Effectual Services, our IP watch team employs a meticulous approach to conduct comprehensive IP watch analyses, aiding clients in their decision-making processes. Here is a detailed breakdown of our methodology :

Outline of Major Steps Undertaken for IP Watch

Step 1

Understanding the Technology

At the outset, our specialists engage deeply with the field of focus, acquiring comprehensive knowledge of the technology being examined. This extensive comprehension serves as the bedrock of our analysis.

Step 2

Research and Identification

We execute a thorough patent search across global patent databases, focusing on content available in the English language and utilizing machine translation when necessary. Our search strategies encompass a variety of methods

  • Keyword-based Searching : Utilizing relevant keywords to identify pertinent patents and non-patent literature.

  • Class-based Searching : Employing IPC/USC/CPC classifications to categorize and filter search results effectively.

  • Assignee and Inventor-based Searching : Identifying patents associated with specific entities or inventors.

  • Citation Searching : Analyzing related patents to uncover interconnected technologies and trends.

    For patents, we utilize databases such as Orbit (from Questel, covering ~100 jurisdictions), Derwent Innovation (encompassing ~100 jurisdictions worldwide), Google Patent, Patentscope, The Lens, and Espacenet etc.

Step 3

Analysis and Reporting

The evaluation of the acquired patent references involves consistent monitoring and review of the patent data to prepare for presentation. The detailed steps for this process are outlined below :

  • Identifying the pertinent Patents : We locate the relevant patent references from a range of paid and unpaid databases.

  • Tracking relevant patents : We monitor these references for any changes or advancements, including patent extensions, legal disputes, or licensing activities.

  • Review and Analysis : We meticulously scrutinize the acquired references, identifying patterns, crucial patents, and tracking competitors' activities.

  • Reporting and Presentation : We meticulously condense the findings to provide meaningful insights tailored for stakeholders, including management, research and development teams, and legal counsel.

  • Monitoring non-patent literature : In addition to patent databases, we also keep tabs on other information sources, such as scientific publications, conference proceedings, and news articles, to gain a comprehensive understanding of trends and advancements in the relevant fields.

    We regularly review patent watch process to ensure its practicality and relevance, and make necessary adjustments to search strategies, technology areas, or other aspects as required.

Step 4


We provide a comprehensive MS Excel-based report detailing Patent focus, Re-assignment history, updated Legal status, Patent Term Extension, Patent Term Adjustment etc.

Additionally, we create an MS PowerPoint presentation highlighting identified trends and actionable insights. This format allows for both high-level overviews and detailed examinations of specific patent documents.

Our approach encompasses a thorough method for viewing each patents. We integrate Patent Watch with various market intelligence methods, leveraging expert analysis of intricate data and exploring diverse innovation sources.

Client testimonial

Effectual Service has been an invaluable partner for our AI-based healthcare company, providing comprehensive IP watch services. Their advanced monitoring and protection mechanisms have ensured that our groundbreaking innovations remain safeguarded in a rapidly evolving industry.

A Tech start-up company

Effectual Service's meticulous IP watch has been an essential asset for our cosmetic company specializing in anti-aging compounds. Their vigilant protection of our intellectual property has allowed us to focus on research and development without the fear of infringement or unauthorized use.

A Cosmetic Company

We rely on Effectual Services' IP watch for precise monitoring and insightful reports. Their expertise has strengthened our market position.

Canadian Legal Consultation Service company

Effectual Service's IP watch service has been an invaluable resource for our FMCG company. Their comprehensive monitoring and protection of our intellectual property have provided us with a competitive edge in the rapidly growing plant-based market.

European Top FMCG Company

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