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In the ever-evolving landscape of innovation, IP portfolio analysis and whitespace analysis stand as crucial linchpins for research and innovation teams. This multifaceted process delves into the intricate realm of intellectual property assets, offering a panoramic view of their worth, robustness, and potential vulnerabilities. By meticulously evaluating patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets, organizations can not only gauge the viability of licensing ventures but also pinpoint untapped avenues for growth. Yet, this analysis is not devoid of challenges. The selection of pertinent metrics tailored to specific industries and the daunting task of sifting through diverse data sources pose significant hurdles.

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The objectives of a patent portfolio analysis might encompass

The whitespace analysis is a highly customizable service that will identify technology gaps that can be used for further patenting activity or future research or product development. The whitespace analysis is helpful in identifying the following aspects

Effectual services offer a transformative solution. These services centralize the vast expanse of data, granting swift access to a wealth of information crucial for analysis. They pave the way for meticulous scrutiny, balancing quantitative figures with qualitative nuances. What is more, they introduce an element of foresight through automated alerts, ensuring that organizations stay ahead of the curve by promptly responding to shifts in their portfolios or competitive landscapes. Armed with these tools, businesses are empowered to make judicious decisions, optimizing their intellectual property assets strategically.

This holistic approach not only fortifies against potential infringements but also fosters a proactive stance towards innovation. By leveraging these advanced services, you can unlock the true potential of intellectual property, reinforcing the competitive edge and propelling yourself towards sustained success in the dynamic realm of technology and creativity.


Step 1

Understanding the Technology

In this initial phase, our experts immerse themselves in the specific domain of interest, gaining profound insights into the domain. The understanding developed helps determine key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics. This deep understanding forms the foundation of our analysis.

Step 2

Research and Identification

We execute a thorough search across global patent and non-patent databases, focusing on content available in the English language and utilizing machine translation when necessary.

Our search strategies encompass a variety of methods :

  • Keyword-based Searching : Utilizing relevant keywords to identify pertinent patents and non-patent literature
  • Class-based Searching : Employing IPC/USC/CPC classifications to categorize and filter search results effectively
  • Assignee and inventor-based Searching : identifying patents associated with specific entities or inventors
  • Citation Searching : Analyzing related patents to uncover interconnected technologies and trends

For patents, we utilize databases such as Orbit (from Questel, covering ~100 jurisdictions), Derwent Innovation (encompassing ~100 jurisdictions worldwide), Google Patent, Patentscope, The Lens, Espacenet etc.

Non-patent literature searches include prominent databases like ScienceDirect, PubChem, Pubmed, CiteseerX, Google, the product guide, the company website, and Google Scholar to retrieve relevant information.

Step 3

Analysis and Reporting

Relevant references and products are identified through meticulous screening of their content and other related information.

Identified references are categorized into distinct technology-based taxonomies, facilitating organization of data for further analysis.

The categorized results undergo in-depth analysis s uch as number of filings, number of grants, strength of claims, etc., enabling us to extract valuable trends and insights from the data.

The activity by the major competitors, research institutions, and other players, such as recent filings, recent publications, product launches etc. is also analyzed.

Analyzing the data collected to pinpoint areas where there is a lack of existing IP protection or where the current IP solutions do not fully address market demands. These gaps represent potential opportunities for new product development, technology innovation, or IP creation.

We provide a comprehensive MS Excel-based report detailing project specifics, patent families, in-depth analysis, and search strategy.
Additionally, we create an MS PowerPoint presentation highlighting identified trends and actionable insights. This format allows for both high-level overviews and detailed examinations of specific patent documents.
Our methodology ensures a systematic and insightful analysis, enabling businesses to make informed decisions based on a thorough understanding of the IP portfolio.
The PowerPoint presentation can include further white space analysis. Here, we intend to pinpoint technologies within the field that have the potential for further research or patenting. These findings will be valuable for comprehending how to enhance or modify these technologies.
At Effectual, we recognize the importance of having the right information when developing new products or improving existing ones. Our IP portfolio services provide essential insights to empower your business and drive success in a rapidly changing market.

What Our Partners Say

The depth of analysis and attention to detail from your team exceeded our expectations. Your services played a pivotal role in aligning our IP assets with our business goals. We appreciate your expertise and dedication to our success.

A Patent attorney

Thank you for the insightful portfolio analysis. Your team's meticulous approach identified critical gaps and opportunities, guiding our investments effectively. Your services have been pivotal in shaping our intellectual property roadmap.

A chemical Company

Your IP portfolio analysis services were exceptional. The insights provided were instrumental in enhancing our patent strategies. Your expertise and innovative tools truly transformed our approach to intellectual property management.

A Female Hygiene Product company

Working with the team on whitespace analysis was a pivotal decision for our business. Their thorough assessment unveiled valuable areas for innovation, enabling us to stay ahead of the competition and deliver cutting-edge solutions to our clients.

A Pharma Company

The whitespace analysis conducted by the team was instrumental in revealing unexplored opportunities in our industry. Their strategic insights helped us refine our product development approach and drive significant growth.

A Synthetic textile company

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