Sustainable Packaging

The objective of the project is to conduct a technology scouting study for identifying patent and non-patent references with market insights to uncover all of the sustainable packaging materials for use in food and beverages. The project would also include companies and academic institutions that are publishing, filing patents, and marketing products in the sustainable packaging space.

Packaging materials for the food and beverages industry is the most common area of development. Packaging material includes plastic bottles, metal cans, corrugated cardboard boxes, and others. Concerns related to packaging material include the shelf-life of food and beverages, packaging waste recycling, eco-friendliness, etc. Production and decomposition of packaging materials are difficult in making an economic and environment-friendly value chain. These concerns encouraged the industry to introduce innovative products and use new technologies in their manufacturing.
They are looking for high-performing packaging options that permit them to retain low manufacturing costs, easy recycling, and improved sustainable material. Various companies are encouraging movement in packaging construction towards more lightweight or efficient materials, which helps companies save money while decreasing the amount of waste generated.

What we did

Our report provided a detailed answer to the following questions:

  • What new or improved sustainable packaging materials are being used in marketed products?
  • Sustainability factors associated with the packaging materials, such as recycling ability, reusability, biodegradation or natural decomposition ability, synthetic degradation ability?
  • What are the supported packaging types, such as bottle, Packs, blister packs, can, and sachet?
  • What are key material properties making them suitable, like lightweight, chemical reactiveness, thickness, gas permeability, heat resistance, etc?
  • Any new potentially disruptive sustainable technologies that can replace the existing packaging technologies.
  • Trends based on the answers to the above points can help to predict technology growth in the future.

Project Timeline:The study was executed and delivered in 10 weeks.

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