Probiotic Tablet Coating

The objective of the project was to identify coatings that enable the introduction of probiotic tablets into the gummy format.

Generally, probiotic tablets are not coated. Introducing an uncoated tablet inside a gummy represents a challenge as the probiotics would not survive the heat and humidity. The coating materials would create a barrier between the gummy part and the tablet part. The major industry technology areas to explore are:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Confectionary and Foods
  • Cosmetics.

What we did

Our research analyst focused were able to identify the coatings material with the following properties:

  • The coating should be organoleptically acceptable and should not leave any unwanted residues in the mouth after eating the gummy.
  • The coating material should be resistant to heat (70 to 90 Degrees C.) for a few minutes.
  • What are the supported packaging types, such as bottle, Packs, blister packs, can, and sachet?
  • The coating should prevent water to penetrate the tablet.
  • The coating should be at least food-grade.

Project Timeline:The study was executed and delivered in 5 weeks.

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