Passive Diffusion Of Fine Fragrance

The objective of the study was to identify delayed-release technologies in the domain of fine fragrance from scientific literature published recently in the last 10 years; perform market research (including product analysis) to shortlist technology solutions adopted in the market and identify who is using what kind of technology, what production challenges and their available solutions, and market acceptability.

The flavor and fragrance industry is focusing on the design of selective and efficient delivery systems in order to control the slow release of highly volatile odorants in functional perfumery products or toiletry preparations, and to increase the stability of fragrance raw materials with unstable chemical functional groups such as aldehydes. Delayed release fine fragrance is a formulation to release the fragrance from final products after 2-4 hours to 6-8 hours or more.

What we did

We proposed to conduct the study in two phases

Phase 1 answered the following questions:
  • What methods or compositions are available to produce a final product with a delayed release mechanism, including delayed action from 2-4 hours to 6-8 hours?
  • What different forms, such as microcapsule, nanopowder, polymer embedded fragrance, and associated materials are available?
  • What type of product ranges, such as body wash, and surface cleaners are incorporated with fine fragrances?
  • What problems and solutions are associated with incorporating delayed-release technologies in the final product?
  • What technologies are the market players using for delayed release action of fine fragrances?
  • What are the key success market stories that are seen as market drivers?
Phase 2 was a business case study that was conducted on the top 2 recommendations selected from phase 1
  • Brief Introduction to the business opportunity
  • Profitability earn by business opportunity
  • Opportunity description
  • Technology summary
  • Key advantages of the technology
  • Key benefits of business opportunity
  • Comparative analysis of selected business opportunities, e.g. SWOT analysis
  • Future growth of the company based on business opportunity

Project Timeline: The project was executed and completed in 12 weeks.

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