Ophthalmic Drug Delivery systems

Effectual was approached by a leading US medical device company to highlight key “ophthalmic drug delivery systems in the market and present a business case for the top results.”

Various degrees of non-invasive treatment approaches for anterior and posterior eye diseases are known that include drug molecules, delivery forms, therapeutic area, disease state, eye layer targeted, etc. To gain a competitive edge against their competitors, various med device companies are looking at what is out there in the market to get ahead of the competitors.

What we did

Based on the client's ask, the team divided the study into two phases:

Phase 1: Identifying various business opportunities in the ophthalmic domain.
  • What are the various new approaches or technologies in the ophthalmic domain, e.g. ophthalmic drug delivery systems available?
  • Who are the key players in this space? (Companies, Universities, etc.)
  • Activity from competitors of J&J or major players active in the ophthalmic domain, including patent filing, collaborations, JVs, Joint research programs, etc.
Assessment of the technology based on the technical parameters, for example:
  • Rate of delivery, sustained/ delayed action, targeted delivery to retinal layers, drug delivery barriers, therapeutic dose index in specific eye parts and associated complications, and pharmacokinetics? What are the Regulatory approvals, Recalls, etc.
  • What specific type of disease state is being treated and associated with disease complications, and what specific type of drug molecules and their formulation?
  • User-friendliness of the solution – comfort, ease of administration, reusability, etc.
Assessment of the business opportunity associated with the recommended solution:
  • The potential addressable market of the solution? The growth potential associated with the recommended solution?
  • Why do we believe this to be a good opportunity?
Possible implementation roadmap, including:
  • Who could be potential partners for setting up joint ventures and partnerships?
  • Any possible licensing/technology transfer opportunities for the technology?
Phase 2: Was a business case prepared on the top selected recommendations from Phase 1 and it focus on the following:
  • Brief Introduction of business opportunity
  • Profitability earn by business opportunity
  • Opportunity description
  • Technology summary
  • Key advantages of the technology
  • Key benefits of business opportunity
  • Comparative analysis of selected business opportunities, for e.g. SWOT analysis
  • Future growth of J&J based on business opportunity

Project Timeline:The project was executed and delivered in 12 weeks.

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