Microbuome In Cosmetices

The objective of the study is to look for all the challenges associated with Microbiome in cosmetics and the novel solution to those challenges.

Everyone today is familiar with gut flora and the role of its billions of microorganisms in digestion and immunity. What few people know, however, is that the health of our skin also depends on a living ecosystem: the skin microbiome. Rich in a trillion bacteria and other kinds of microorganisms, it not only acts as a shield against external aggressions, such as UV rays and pollution, but it also forms a genuine ecosystem with our skin. These bacteria, yeast, or viruses play an essential role in our organism, by constantly interacting with our cells.

But this cutaneous ecosystem is also fragile, and its balance can be easily altered under the effect of excessive multiplication of certain microorganisms or the installation of undesirable bacteria. In case of imbalance, skin damage can then appear — micro-inflammations, dandruff, eczema, or acne. Hence cosmetic companies use this, they need to keep a regular eye everything that is new in the market.

What we did

We helped in covering the following challenges for the client:

  • Full understanding of the baseline skin microbiome. action from 2-4 hours to 6-8 hours?
  • Mapping out and sequencing the genetic identity of microbes.
  • Differentiating between healthy and unhealthy skin flora.
  • Testing and results (secondary data) in the personal care products. Mechanism to determine the effect of substances on skin health.
  • Intellectual Property Challenges related to subject matter eligibility.
The following questions were also answered:
  • Which countries are the most prominent hubs of innovation for this technology?
  • Who are the most active players/companies involved in this field and What are the major claims offered by various products?
  • Who are the upcoming startups with new technologies in the domain?
  • What are the latest technological breakthroughs in this field?

Project Timeline:The study was executed and delivered in 8 weeks.

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