Green Hydrogen

The objective of the study was to identify technologies based on green hydrogen: an alternative that reduces emissions and cares for our planet.

Protecting the environment involves significant challenges. Reducing the carbon footprint of energy production and the amount of waste we produce as a society are two of them. Countries and major industries are increasingly recognizing that one of the most promising routes to a zero-carbon future is the production and use of green hydrogen. However, creating green hydrogen has historically proven uneconomical.

The aim is to create local, sustainable and profitable ecosystems running on renewable Hydrogen.

The end objective is to identify the following -
  • Technologies to turn tons of waste into green hydrogen.
  • The waste-to-hydrogen conversion is a breakthrough in making green hydrogen economically viable, helping not only to reduce global CO2 emissions but also to reduce pollution and degradation of water resources in the country.

What we did

Effectual looked for the challenges associated with the production and use of green hydrogen based on which the study answered the following questions:

  • What different technologies are available to convert non-recyclable waste to hydrogen?
  • Which technology solution is making green hydrogen economically viable?
  • Who is doing what kind of research in the domain?
  • What could be the licensing opportunity in the domain?
  • Which technology reduces global CO2 emissions and produces carbon-negative green hydrogen?
  • What is the proof-of-concept of waste-to-hydrogen conversion with less or zero carbon footprint (includes details of testing and results)?
Market Assessment
  • What are the current industry leaders and market players doing in this domain?
  • What are the key success market stories in the domain?

Project Timeline:The report was executed and delivered in 8 weeks.

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