Frozen Pizza Dough

The objective is to assess the latest technology developments with regard to pizza dough formulation and processing for frozen pizza.

Specifically, the focus is looking for answers to the following questions :
  • What are the new ingredients for pizza dough?
  • What are new processes?
  • Are there new start-up suppliers that they should be looking at?
  • What universities are exploring this area?

The $4.9 billion U.S. frozen pizza market grew 3.1 percent between 2017 and 2018 as per the report released by American Frozen Food Institute and Food Marketing Institute. With frozen pizza sales rising, manufacturers are using innovation to make their products stand out to consumers. Millennials have been identified as core purchasers of frozen pizza. Their busy lifestyles, which now include balancing careers and family, make convenient meal solutions a priority. Since this is also the foodie generation, smart manufacturers are using taste and nutrition innovation to get this demographic's attention.

What we did

Given the broad nature of the study of the scope. The study was divided into 3Phases:

Phase 1: This part has three stages-
Stage I- (Technical Advancements)Ingredients & Formulations:

Identification of technical advancements related to frozen pizza dough formulations.

Stage II- (Technical Advancements)Processing Techniques:

Identification of latest technology developments related to processing for frozen pizza.

Stage III- Market Analysis + Players Identification :

Identification of technical advancements related to frozen pizza dough formulations.

  • Identification of marketed technologies/products & key players for providing solutions to address specific issues.
  • Identification of new start-up suppliers active in the domain of frozen pizza dough formulations and processing.
  • Identification of universities performing research on technological advancements related to frozen pizza dough formulations and processing.
Phase 2

A white space analysis was conducted based on Phase 1 to identify potential areas that could be exploited.

Phase 3 (Business Case):

This phase was conducted on the top two recommendations selected from Phase 1.

Project Timeline: The project was executed and delivered in 10 business weeks, with multiple interim checks.

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