Fighting Diabetes with heat-stable ingredients(Dairy)

The objective of the study was to identify heat-stable ingredients which can be formulated in dairy product and further, helps in fighting diabetes.

With rapid economic development, dramatic changes in lifestyles, and an aging population, type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) has become a leading public health problem globally, especially in developing countries. According to the latest International Diabetes Federation (IDF), the global prevalence of T2DM in adults was 536.6 million people (10.5%) in 2021, and there would be 783.2 million people (12.2%) living with diabetes worldwide by 2045. China, the largest developing country worldwide, contributes to one-fifth of the global population and has shown an increased prevalence of diabetes in recent years.
China, which is the most populous country, ranks number one with an estimated 109.6 million adults with diabetes. Over the past three decades, the prevalence of diabetes in China has sharply increased. The latest research data suggests an 11% prevalence rate of diabetes in adults in China. The number of individuals aged ≥ 65 years has approached 200 million in China.

Therefore, it is crucial to assess the epidemiological characteristics and risk factors of diabetes and implement selective interventions and management for specific populations.

What we did

Effectual looked for ingredients that fulfill the following parameters: -

Application in the dairy product:

The ingredients should have application in the dairy product.

Heat Stable Antidiabetic ingredients:

The identified ingredients should be antidiabetic, heat stable, tasteless, and more preferably natural.

Commercialized or Noncommercialized ingredients:

This study focuses on identifying the heat-stable ingredients which may be commercialized or are still in the research phase such as information disclosed in patent or non-patent literature and claims glucose control and its management.

Based on the above parameters the following questions were answered:
  • What ingredients are used in a dairy application/product which is heat treated (pasteurized) and is used in fighting with or treating diabetes? What are the various methods available for the scalable production of heat-stable antidiabetic ingredients for dairy applications?
  • What properties do the ingredients show such as heat stability or tastelessness? What regulatory parameters do the heat-stable antidiabetic ingredients has for their use in dairy product?
  • What are the source of heat-stable antidiabetic ingredients, whether natural or synthetic? Are these ingredients food supported by clinical research for the health claims or any scientific evidence?
  • Which key players are working in the space? What challenges they are facing and what solutions are available for these challenges?
  • What are the key success market stories for the use of heat-stable antidiabetic ingredients in dairy products?

Project Timeline: The study was executed and delivered in 7 weeks with 2 interim discussions.

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