CBD with high-intensity sweeteners

The objective of the study was to look for the use of CBD with high-intensity sweeteners in food applications excluding beverages.

CBD is a chemical compound that is found within the cannabis plant. There are two main elements to the cannabis plant and unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD is not psychoactive. Only taking CBD means that it doesn’t get you high and you only take the elements that are medically beneficial to your well-being. Cannabidiol (CBD) products are becoming increasingly popular. As researchers understand more about the potential benefits, more manufacturers are blending their products with CBD. However, it is important to ensure that people only use safe and high-quality CBD products. As more and more research is being conducted on the now-legal cannabinoid, cannabidiol is soon expected to be used to treat a plethora of diseases and conditions.

Recently the use of CBD-blended sweeteners has found applications in the food industry. CBD use with high-intensity sweeteners not only allows mitigation of unfavorable aftertaste associated with these high-intensity sweeteners but also mitigates the off-notes apart from providing well-being and reducing anxiety.

What we did

The study was conducted in two phases:

Phase 1 This part has two stages –
Stage 1 (Technical Advancements):

Identification of technical advancements and applications of CBD with high-intensity sweeteners in the food industry excluding beverages.

Stage 2 (Market Perspective):

Identification of marketed technologies/products & key players involved in the use of CBD with high-intensity sweeteners in food applications.

Phase 2 This was a business case study that was conducted on the top two recommendations from phase 1 and focused on the following points:
  • Brief Introduction to the business opportunity
  • Profitability earn by business opportunity
  • Opportunity description
  • Technology summary
  • Key advantages of the technology
  • Key benefits of business opportunity
  • Comparative analysis of selected business opportunities, e.g. SWOT analysis
  • Future growth of the company based on business opportunity

Project Timeline: The project was executed and completed in 12 weeks.

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