Biodegradable slippery coating

The objective of the study was to identify Biodegradable coating with slippery functionality.

Viscous food pouring from packaging cannot be 100% easy, thereby waste of food material takes place. Thus, sticky types of food items need different packaging having a coating at the inner side that can help to pour the material completely. Such coating materials exhibit slippery or anti-stick properties. Nowadays, most companies are moving towards sustainable or eco-friendly paper or botanical-based packaging material. Thereby, coating material having slippery functionality with biodegradable nature will make the overall package more sustainable.
Coating of these types of packaging is not that easy for conventional packaging due to food safety concerns, regulatory concerns, or cannot be applied to all types of packaging. This is especially challenging for aseptic paperboard packages, where coatings must be applicable via extrusion.

The study will focus on two aspects:
Recommendations –

Which specific chemical agent or design facilitate slippery action in packaging material, wherein the chemical agent should be biodegradable?

Licensing Partners –

Who can be a promising licensing partner for the client?

What we did

Based on the client's ask, the team divided the study into two phases:

The study aimed to answer the following questions:
  • What different biodegradable coating agents are available?
  • Do these biodegradable coating agents have slippery functionality?
  • Can such coating agents be applied on biodegradable packaging materials, such as paperboard?
  • What are the key success market stories that can be seen as market drivers?

Project Timeline:The project was executed and delivered in 8 weeks.

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