Bio-surfactants to Treat Citrus Plant Diseases

The objective of this study was to if bio-surfactants from fermentation can be used to treat citrus plant diseases such as citrus greening.

In citrus production, widespread infection of citrus plants by pathogens such as citrus greening disease and citrus canker disease has led to significant hardships for citrus growers. As much as entire crops have been lost to these bacterial infections, leading to a decline in the production, and increase in price, of citrus products worldwide.

Growers have relied heavily on the use of synthetic chemicals and chemical fertilizers for boosting crop yields and protecting crops from drought and disease. However, when overused or improperly applied, these substances can run off into surface water, leach into groundwater, and evaporate into the air. As sources of air and water pollution, responsible use of these substances is an ecological and commercial imperative. Even when properly used, the over-dependence and long-term use of certain chemical fertilizers, pesticides and antibiotics deleteriously alters soil ecosystems, reduces stress tolerance, increases pest resistance, and impedes plant growth and vitality.

Therefore, the increasing awareness among the public over the adverse effects of synthetic chemical and surfactant is creating opportunities for the exploration of microbial derived surfactants displaying better availability and being generally nontoxic and biodegradable.

What we did

Our research analyst focused were able to identify the coatings material with the following properties:

  • What are the various classes of bio surfactant utilized for citrus plant treatment against pests?
  • What are the various fermentation processes for production of bio surfactant and what is the optimum fermentation condition for the production of bio surfactant?
  • Which microbial origin is utilized for enhanced production of bio surfactant?
Market Assessment
  • Which key players are working in the domain of bio-surfactants used to treat citrus plant diseases?
  • What are the key success market stories that can be seen as market drivers?

Project Timeline:The study was executed and delivered in 10 weeks.

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