New Moleules For Sweetness Enhanement

New Moleules For Sweetness Enhanement

Sweetness enhancer molecules are a type of food additive, which have the ability to enhance the taste of food and beverage, and provide a perception of sweetness and used in reduced added sugar products to enhance the mouthfeel. They are very sough after in the F&B industry because of their low calorie profiles. However there are a lot of challenges associated with these molecules.

Factors such as raw material cost, consumer perception, formulation challenges, taste challenges and stringent regulatory limitation have caused challenges to growth in sweetness enhancers market. Also with the growing demand for organic food products, manufacturers are moving towards the new natural sweetness enhancers.


did a interesting study in this area to solve some of the above challenges. The objective of the study was to identify new molecules for sweetness enhancement options to reduce the sugar content in Foods and Beverages.

What we did-

We looked to answer the following questions:

  • What are the new molecules for sweetness enhancement? Are these molecules derived from natural sources or are they chemically synthesized?
  • Do these new molecules provide any sweet taste of their own? Are these new molecules for sweetness enhancement also high-intensity sweeteners?
  • What are the applications of these new sweet enhancement molecules? What are the new technologies for producing/extracting sweetness enhancement molecules?
  • Are these new molecules for sweet enhancement approved by regulatory bodies for use in food and beverage for human consumption?
  • What market players are working on new molecules for sweet enhancement? Which of these players are associated with food and beverage applications? What challenges are they facing, and what solutions are available for these challenges?
  • What are the key success market stories that can be seen as market drivers?


Through our internal databases Effectual research team were able to identify 20+ molecules with strong clinical data that claimed to solve the challenges associated in the industry.

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