Biological Solutions For Plant Growth

Biological Solutions For Plant Growth

For several years, there has been a growing scrutiny around the globe with the use of chemical-based process that are used for Plant growth and yield. Every year many regulatory bodies across the globe have been coming up with strict guidelines to counter the harmful effects of these chemical on plants, the environment and human health. This has prompted the agriculture industry to look for novel biological solutions.

Biological solutions are essential for plant growth because they leverage the natural processes and interactions that occur within ecosystems to support plant health and productivity. Plants are living organisms that have evolved in conjunction with various biological factors, and their growth and development are intricately connected to these factors. Some of the main reasons why biological solutions are crucial for plant growth are Nutrient cycling, biological pest control, genetic diversity, pollination, soil health, sustainable agriculture, etc.

By integrating biological approaches into farming practices, we can create a harmonious balance between productivity, ecological well-being, and the long-term viability of our agricultural systems. There is increasing evidence that biological technologies that use microbes or their metabolites can enhance nutrient uptake and yield, control pests and mitigate plant stress responses. In search of sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives, the agricultural industry is turning towards biological solutions. One such agriculture product manufacturer reached out to Effectual to conduct a study, that will help them with a better perspective on some available solutions out there. Here's what we did:


The objective of the scope was to conduct a study on Biological solutions for improving plant growth and yield, improving resiliency to stress and maximizing nutrient uptake.

What we did:

The life sciences team of Effectual did a QnA with groups leading scientists/fellows and identified some key question that we tried to answer in our findings:

1. What is the innovation in Biological based solutions for Plants/ crops? Are these solutions able to improve plant growth and yield, improve resiliency to stress and maximize nutrient uptake?

2. Are these technologies available at the commercial scale/pilot scale/lab or research phase?

3. Is the Biological solution a single component-based solution or include mixture of components?

4. Are these solutions applicable for Corn plant? At what plant part the biological based solution is applied?

5. Who are the market players or technology providers in the domain with their research on innovations in Biological based solutions for Plants/ crops? What challenges they are facing and what are the solution for these challenges?

6. What are the key success market stories of Biological Solutions?

Based on the above questions the team created a framework to list potential solutions. The framework included parameters such as beneficial effects, type of biological solutions, crop type, plant type, scalability, etc.

Execution strategy: The project was completed under 8 weeks. During the execution process, 2 interim discussions were also scheduled with the client to get their feedback on the ongoing work and ask for any additional recommendations.

Study Outcome: Our research team was able to identify 42 recommendations in three major categories of Biopesticides, biofertilizers and biostimulants. Benefits included improve resilience to stress, plant disease resistance, scalability, etc.

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