Aerosol Technology for Hair Care

Aerosol Technology for Hair Care

Aerosol Technology for Hair Care

Aerosol technology : in hair care refers to the use of aerosolized products for various hair care purposes. Aerosols are products packaged in pressurized containers that dispense the contents in the form of a fine mist or spray.

While aerosol technologies have been widely used in hair care, there are a few challenges associated with their usage. Their are majorly two challenges associated with this:

Environmental Impact : This is a big challenge. Historically CFCs were used as the main propellants to dispense the contents, which have a bad impact on the Ozone. Due to environmental concerns, CFCs have been phased out and replaced with more environmentally friendly propellants like hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). While HFCs have a lower impact on ozone depletion, they still contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

Product Formulation : Their are different ingredients that are used in the hair care industry and some of them may are not compatible with the propellants beings used. So formulating these ingredients and chemical have always been a long challenge for the hair care industry. Developing formulations that deliver the desired performance while maintaining stability in aerosol packaging can be very tricky.


Addressing these challenges requires ongoing research and development, formulation expertise, adherence to regulations, and a commitment to sustainability. Hair care brands are actively working towards innovative solutions to enhance the performance and sustainability of aerosol technologies in the industry. One such hair care company approached Effectual to help this with the problem. Below is how our research team tried to solve the problem.


To identify potential novel hair care technologies with less impact on the environment and look for innovative hair care formaulation methods/techniques.

What we did-

The personal care team of Effectual identified some key questions that were selected as the base for the stuyd

  • What Novel Aerosol Technologies are available to overcome the limitations of conventional solutions like the issue of Resource Efficiency, Safety, Clean and Sanitary Use, Cost-Effectiveness, Longevity?
  • What Novel Haircare Formulations are available to be used with Various Aerosol based Technologies to overcome the limitations of conventional solutions like the issue of high VOC release into the atmosphere, High Ethanol use, Silicon Use, Use of Paraben etc?
  • What properties are to be maintained with application of ingredients or technologies?
  • What different Propellant forms are being used in Novel Aerosol Technologies for Haircare applications?
  • Which key players are working in the market? What challenges they are facing and what solutions are available for these challenges?
  • What are the key success market stories that can be seen as market drivers?

Based on the above scope the research team divided the results in two Phases:

Formulations : Here we looked at all different categories such as Polymers, thicking agent, additives, solvents, alcohols, styling powder, etc.

Spray Technology and Propellant type : We looked at all different types of aerosol technologies such as push button valve, bag-on-valve system, can-in-can system, double piston can, etc. Furthermore for the propellant we decided to keep the scope wide we looked at nitrogen, CO2, Alkanes, dimethyl ether, HFO1234YF, etc.


Effectual was able to identify 30+ technologies and formulation methods for the client. Out of which 3 were selected by the client for their product formulations. Our IP team also helped the client with FTO or any possible future Infringements.

Timeline: The study was executed in under 10weeks

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