Aerosol Technology for Haircare Applications

The objective of the study is to identify technologies for Aerosol Technology for Haircare applications.

Hair care compositions, which are dispensed from pressurized containers as foams, are known and are designated as aerosol foams, foam aerosols, or care foams. These products comprise a pressurized container, a foam-generating top or head, an aqueous liquid phase, and a liquid propellant gas phase.
The novel aerosol technologies and novel formulations used in Haircare products can become a huge market success as the technologies and formulations are capable of reducing VOC released into the environment, reducing the use of thioglycolates levels, Paraben free formulations, Fully Recyclable and Lightweight packaging thus reducing carbon footprint, reduced ethanol use, Resource Efficiency, etc. Hence companies are always looking to create novel technologies surrounding the application area.

What we did

We executed the project based on the properties each technology brings in. Two aspects were covered-

  • Aerosol Technologies
  • Haircare Formulation for Aerosol Technologies.
The study aimed to answer the following questions:
  • What Novel Aerosol Technologies are available to overcome the limitations of conventional solutions like the issue of recyclability, sustainability, Resource Efficiency, Safety, Clean and Sanitary Use, Cost-Effectiveness, and Longevity?
  • What Novel Haircare Formulations are available to be used with Various Aerosol based Technologies to overcome the limitations of conventional solutions like the issue of high VOC release into the atmosphere, High Ethanol use, Silicon Use, Use of Paraben, etc?
  • What properties are to be maintained with the application of ingredients or technologies?
  • What different Propellant forms are being used in Novel Aerosol Technologies for Haircare applications?
Market Assessment
  • Which key players are working in the market?
  • What challenges they are facing and what solutions are available for these challenges?
  • What are the key success market stories that can be seen as market drivers?

Project Timeline:The project was executed and delivered in 7 weeks.

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