26 Jun 2014

Why Patent Drawings are accepted in One Country and Rejected in Another?

Are you frustrated by patent drawings rejection in a country while the same patent drawings has been already accepted and approved in another country?

E.g. China Patent Office rejected your design patent drawings which were already granted in the US.This is not a misfortune; it’s all regarding the variations in rules for patent drawings between China and US jurisdictions. In this case, a common reason for rejection could be the usage of shading in drawings as US allows shadings in patent drawings, but in China, shading is not permitted. If you have submitted patent drawings in an application inconsiderately of patent drawing rules, then there is a probability of your drawings getting rejected.

Most of the Jurisdiction guidelines are universal for patent drawings in all countries apart from few rules, such as:

Most of the Jurisdiction guidelines are universal for patent drawings in all countries apart from few rules, such as:

  • Differences in sheet size, PCT and EPO can only be filed on A4 size paper while the USPTO can be filed on A4 or letter size papers. Margins (top: 2.5cm, left side: 2.5cm, right side: 1.5cm, bottom: 1.0cm) remains the same whether filings are done on A4 or letter size pages.But in Korea, patent drawings are filed on B4 size paper that is larger than A4 and A5 with minimum margins of 2 cm at the left side, 2.5 at the top, 1.5 cm on the right side and 1.5 cm at the bottom.
  • Shading requirements, as USPTO and PCT allows shading in patent drawings, however in China, shading and dotted lines are not permitted. In Korea shading is not allowed except it can be used in the reference views such as the perspective view. It’s not permitted for the other views of the drawings.

The above are just a few parameters, which if not followed properly might lead to rejection of patent drawings.

To increase the probability of acceptance of your patent application or the quality of your drawings, hiring a professional patent illustrator can assist you refine the drawings and provide valuable contribution in the development of your patent application.

We at Effectual Services have team of experienced Patent Illustrator who provides patent drawings in wide range of domains including-Utility, Design, Mechanical, Flowcharts, Graphs, Photographs, Biochemical, Biotechnological, Medical/Surgical device drawings, Electrical, electronic, Books, etc. as per USPTO, PCT, EPO, CD, JPO, CPO, KIPO, India and various other patent office requirements by following step-by-step jurisdictions guidelines to avoid office action on drawings in future.

Effectual Illustration team helps in drafting sophisticated views like Perspective, front, rear, right and left sides, top, bottom, sectional views, etc. as per client’s and jurisdictions requirements by using latest versions of software’s including AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, Visio, SolidWorks, etc. in numerous formats such as .PDF, .TIFF, .JPEG, word, etc. within the requested time frame to law firms and corporate legal departments.

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