06 Apr 2018

The Importance of Registering Your Trademark

Whether people realize it or not, they deal with trademarks on an everyday basis. A “Trademark” is referred to as a different way of identifying with the brand. A trademark is better defined as a design, an explanation or anything that features the organization or the product that is assisted by the firm. Somewhere, these trademarks are also called “Service Marks”. For a better understanding, the term means any mark that recognizes its organization or its owner. Therefore, if you are running any business, then you must come up with unique and attractive trademarks that get registered in people’s minds. Let’s take a look at the importance of trademark registration in India:

Trademarks Establish your Brand to Stand Apart from Other Brands: A trademark should always be unique to your brand. We can take an example of assuming your logo as your trademark, however if your logo is very basic and simple, then your brand needs to be given a separate identity to distinguish it from anyone else. By having your distinct logo, anyone can easily identify which brand your product belongs to. For example, when you see a silver colour half bitten apple on any device, be it a laptop or a phone, you can easily identify that it’s an Apple product.

It Makes your Brand Unique: Let’s consider that you register your brand’s logo as your trademark. As per the assumption, every business needs a logo that stands out and is easy to recall or understand rather than having a logo that is difficult to remember and does not even explain your brand. Hence, every business would opt for the former. The reason for this is self- explanatory.

A Trademark is Forever: The Trademark registered by any firm remains with them forever. It can be explained better through this example. It’s like purchasing an ice-cream once and eating it forever. However, the ice-cream won’t last long so don’t even try to do it.

It Safeguards your Product’s Name: If you have any registered trademark, you can quickly show your ownership of the product. Having a registered trademark also allows you to utilize all the products registered under your ownership. It proves that the product belongs to that particular brand and you have the rights to sell, modify or use the commodity in whichever way you want.

A trademark Helps in Business Growth: So, let’s say your organization deals in computers but after putting in some lucrative hard work you might be thinking to expand your business and venture into the video or audio hardware business as well. If you are new to this business, then there are higher chances of failure, but if you have your registered trademark, people would trust your brand no matter which field you are expanding in.

Trademarks can be valuable: What if it is declared that trademarks can be valuable? Well, as your business grows over time, the value of the trademarks gets scaled up automatically. So, if your business grows, your trademark also grows in value.

Having a certified trademark can take you places, don’t believe it? Literally speaking, it does! When you keep the above points in mind and work accordingly, you will definitely see a drastic change in your business and also receive positive recognition in the market. You will enjoy the open ownership on several products and you can easily own it. Literally, you can stamp your trademark on every product of yours. Yes, that’s allowed! So, what’s stopping you? Keep yourself updated and file your trademark application today!

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