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Patent filing Procedure in US

US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is one of the oldest patent offices in the world. For obtaining a Patent, two types of patent applications can be filed: Provisional:- It is a quick and less expensive means of filing application however, it only survives when a regular non-provisional patent application within one year is filed. […]

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Life Cycle of a Patent

A patent issued for an invention allows exclusive rights of the invention. In order to be eligible for a patent, the invention has to possess new characteristics and not be apparent for an average expertise. Patenting your invention prevents other people, your competitors, from producing, utilizing, selling or offering to sell the patented item/method within […]

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Patenting–An Overview for the New Inventors

If you want to see your idea turning up into a completely developed invention, then it’s an indispensable task to acquire some type of patent protection, if not fully, then the “patent pending” status will also work. Without filing patent protection, it is risky to promote the idea as the idea can be stolen easily. […]