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As 5G, IoT Patent filings rise, litigations Go up too

Since India is becoming a hot-bed for IoT and 5G based filing, we may soon see a litigation war here too. Internet of Things (IoT) represents a whole world of connected objects that talk to each other at a whirlwind speed that never falters. The applications and benefits of this niche technology are multifold as it […]

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Patent Filing Process in Canada

Canadian Intellectual Property Office, commonly known as CIPO, is the controlling body for Patents and Trademarks in Canada. CIPO has been making a continuous effort to cut down the prosecution time to make the process of getting the Patent Application granted much faster. Currently, it takes nearly around 80 months for a Patent Application to […]

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Life Cycle of a Patent

A patent issued for an invention allows exclusive rights of the invention. In order to be eligible for a patent, the invention has to possess new characteristics and not be apparent for an average expertise. Patenting your invention prevents other people, your competitors, from producing, utilizing, selling or offering to sell the patented item/method within […]

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Different types of Patent Applications

Provisional Application A Provisional Patent Application is designed to provide a lower-cost first patent filing for a utility patent. It consists of details of the invention along with relevant drawings that describe how to make and use your invention. A provisional patent application allows filing without any formal patent claims or declaration, or any information […]