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Introduction Over the past few years, the term ‘Start-up’ is doing the rounds around us. With ‘Start-up India Scheme’ being introduced by the Government of India in the year 2016, many young entrepreneurs have been encouraged to set off their businesses. However, in order to gain market presence and flourish in the commerce, protection of […]

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As 5G, IoT Patent filings rise, litigations Go up too

Since India is becoming a hot-bed for IoT and 5G based filing, we may soon see a litigation war here too. Internet of Things (IoT) represents a whole world of connected objects that talk to each other at a whirlwind speed that never falters. The applications and benefits of this niche technology are multifold as it […]

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How to research a patent idea by performing novelty invention search?

How to carry out research on patentable idea? A novelty patent search is performed to analyse whether your idea/ technology / invention is new or not.  The patent search novelty report provided by the patent expert will tell you whether your invention is novel or not. The search report will include list of selected granted patents, published […]

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How to Save Costs on Overseas Patenting

For any company, whether it’s a mid size or a small organization, time is the most valuable thing. This is the reason we are observing that maximum small or mid size businesses make decisions about foreign patent filing at the eleventh hour. There are many such ways, from regional blocs to repetitive text analysis, in […]