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COVID-19 has created critical situation for global economy and business. India is also not an exception to this world’s health crisis, which is arising economic, health and business crisis. In order to minimize spread of novel Corono virus, the Government of India, various State Governments Bodies and Judicial Authorities are stepping in and are recommending […]

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How to research a patent idea by performing novelty invention search?

How to carry out research on patentable idea? A novelty patent search is performed to analyse whether your idea/ technology / invention is new or not.  The patent search novelty report provided by the patent expert will tell you whether your invention is novel or not. The search report will include list of selected granted patents, published […]

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Benefits of filing a provisional patent application

A provisional patent application is an interim utility patent filed with a patent office. A provisional patent is filed without including any claims, oath or declaration, or any disclosure statement. A provisional patent application gives you protection on your invention for one year only and after that you must file for a non-provisional or regular […]

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Suggestions and Discussions about Patent Related Issues

In this article we are going to clear certain doubts and find answers about patents and their related issues with Intellectual Property. Here, we are providing an open discussion forum where you can clear all your doubts about patents and patenting a new invention. If you are new to patents and its related issues, then […]

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File a Patent to Protect Your Intellectual Property

The term ‘Intellectual Property’, or it can also be called IP, means the protection for the creation of minds. Talking more specifically, it grants the owners the exclusive rights to these creations. IP has been categorized into two sections: Artistic Industrial Artistic Intellectual property rights are protected by copyrights and Industrial Intellectual Property rights are […]

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Intellectual Property Issues and Internet of Things (IOT)

Internet of Things (IoT) also known as the next mobile internet revolution will transform the way businesses and consumers interact in a connected world. Over the years, technology has for long been a bellwether for a rapid growth in businesses across sectors. IoT is defined as the networking of physical objects by using embedded sensors, […]