Deposition Support

Deposition is one of the important stage of the discovery phase; it serves as direct pre-trial evidence for lawyers, specifically litigators, to be produced in a court. Deposition summaries are the most valuable tool an attorney has in litigation. Accurate deposition summaries provide lawyers with a valuable effective alternate to the tedious task of reviewing lengthy legal transcripts.

Effectual Services provides Deposition Summarization to our clients who are looking to optimize cost and time, so that their time is channelized in high value tasks. Our team has the required technical skills to support patent litigation depositions, litigation process experience and strong English writing skills, which enables us to provide precise and accurate deposition summary transcripts in cases involving patents from various domains.The Deposition summary prepared by us allows litigators to quickly review and understand the entire testimony, names, location(s), dates exhibits, key phrases, or terminology. We steadily reduce testimony to facts; accurately record dates, figures, names, give a record of key events and actions; eliminate immaterial information; and organize subject matter into logical and consistent paragraphs. Each Concise summary is formatted as per our client’s instructions and is quality reviewed before delivery to ensure zero error.

We understand that the purpose of our summary is to help the litigators find relevant information in the transcript, not to reproduce the transcript in its entirety. Therefore, our deposition summary contains no more than one page of summary text for every five – ten pages of testimony.