Patent Filing Services

Patent filing in India is an elaborate and complex process, in which an applicant / inventor may waste a good amount of time if not well assisted by professionals who have expertise in patent filing. Incorrectly filled up forms may lead to loss of the priority right and / or may delay the priority date. Even after filing of the patent, there are other documents that need to be filed within prescribed timelines, such as a request for examination. Missing of deadline for such timely filings may lead to deemed withdrawal of the patent and render the time and money invested as waste.

Over the years Effectual Services has assisted many companies in filing patents in India. We have worked with all the four patents offices in India in order to file patent applications. We work with both – Indian companies for domestic patent filings and with International companies looking for entering in Indian by filing a National Phase application of an International application. We also assist many of our Indian clients in preparing correct filing forms for filing Indian patents, PCT applications and in obtaining foreign filing licenses (FFL), certified priority documents etc.

Effectual Services has a team of experienced workforce, consisting of Patent Agents, Lawyers and Paralegals who have deep expertise in preparing accurate filing forms and with our team you will not have to worry about missing any deadlines.