27 Dec 2019

Patent licensing – The future enabling innovation for 5G technology

In a world of superheroes and avenging champions of mankind, it would not be an understatement to say that 5G is looked at as a real-world superpower by many. There is good reason for this. The vast portal of technology that has been opened up by 5G, such as watching Ultra High-Definition videos with zero waiting time, the extensive use of Augmented and Virtual Reality, and the perennially connected network of IoT (Internet of Things) devices are enough proof that 5G has the ability to transform the world into a giant hub of ultra-high-speed connectivity. 5G has a potential to connect everything together, including vehicles, ships, buildings, meters, machines and other items, together with electronics, software, sensors, and the Cloud.


The top players in telecom have long since woken up to this – what has ensued the most intense patent war of modern times, rivaled only by the recently concluded smartphone patent wars. Behemoths like SamsungNokiaHuaweiEricsson, Intel, and Qualcomm have all put their cards on the table for building the most impressive Intellectual Property portfolio. This can be attributed to the fact that a number of industries will benefit once 5G truly takes over. Every industry utilizing or benefiting from 5G would have to take a license from the companies holding the 5Gpatents. Meaning, that the licensing revenues from patent licensing in 5G space would be huge. Read More


Patent licensing – The future enabling innovation for 5G technology By Amit Aggarwal
Co-Founder and Director, Effectual Services


Article was 1st published On BGR India


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