11 Sep 2019

How to research a patent idea by performing novelty invention search?

How to carry out research on patentable idea?

A novelty patent search is performed to analyse whether your idea/ technology / invention is new or not.  The patent search novelty report provided by the patent expert will tell you whether your invention is novel or not. The search report will include list of selected granted patents, published patents and non-patent literature which will become prior art existing for your technology. The patent search report will also contain legal expert opinion on the novelty of your invention. Our patent lawyers and attorneys assist in re-engineering your invention in the light of prior art documents

How can Patent Search help in determining Patentability of Invention?

Before spending time, money and resources for filing a patent application, it is strongly advisable to conduct a patent search . A qualified patent attorney can determine patentability of an invention by analysing relevant prior art references (published patent applications, granted patents and non-patent literature) in accordance with patent laws of relevant jurisdictions.

Patent Search before Filing A Patent Application 

While conducting a prior art search and performing patentability analysis, patent attorneys ensure that the search is comprehensive and corresponding analysis is thorough to include all possible embodiments of the proposed invention. Generally, the patent search results are compiled in the form of a detailed document known as patent search report. The patent search report further helps in writing a draft specification for patent.


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