10 Jun 2016

Our Values: Reshaping the workplace

Corporate culture encompasses several factors including work environment, perks, work-life balance that are critical for an organizational success. A great work culture is also the key to business success. Every organization should have a healthy culture wherein employees can act as an individual’s, performing their responsibilities, etc. A healthy culture values each employee’s contribution in reaching the corporate goal and work as a team to meet their company’s and personal needs. A healthy corporate culture not only improves the business performance but also reward employees for their contribution towards success. The core values that shape our business are Integrity, Accountability, Passion, Success, Humility, and Simplicity. These core values define who we are and bring us together as a team. Additionally, these values make us special and play a critical part in the ongoing success of the business. Maintaining a positive culture is pivotal to success as employees behaviors, decisions and even corporate values are borne from the culture in place. At Effectual, the senior management believes in establishing a healthy work environment, and delivering values that are necessary to increase efficiency and productivity at workplace.

Some of the factors that define our culture are as follows:

Professional Development
While selecting an employer, majority of the employees pay more attention on professional development as compared to financial rewards. At Effectual, there are many interesting opportunities for advancement through various training programs and ensure that the employees are learning on- the-job. There are mentorship programs that help employees to stay motivated at work and move them on rotational assignments so that they are gaining a variety of experiences.

Encourage Learning
At Effectual, employees have to undergo training as much as possible. The training programs are an important tool to not only educate the employees about company’s services but also help them to gain knowledge about the industry landscape. These development programs help employees to move up the ladder and earn more rewards/recognitions.

Open Communication
The leadership team ensures that employees are motivated and loyal to the management of the organization. To enable this, employees directly communicate issues/grievances to their senior leadership and as a result, employees view themselves as part of the company’s culture. Employees are able to communicate their thoughts and suggestion to leaders and on the other hand, leaders effectively communicate necessary information to employees so that there is proper flow of communication. The management ensures that there is a clear line of communication through all levels and each department’s responsibilities are clearly defined.

Innovative Thinking
A vast majority of our workforce includes doctoral degrees in their respective disciplines with proven commercial experience. Besides this, our employees are the most innovative thinkers in their profession and highly driven IP experts that work for Fortune 500 clients and AM 100 law firms.

Performance Focus
At Effectual, employees understand their responsibilities and factors that determine success in their role, thus are rewarded or recognized accordingly. In addition, leaders evaluate every individual and understand their needs while ensuring that every employee is appreciated and recognized for his/her contribution. Each employee understands his roles and responsibilities and knows how to accomplish the task in a timely manner.

Our employees come from diverse backgrounds having their own traditions and culture. Having a shared culture at the workplace help our employees to understand one another that leads to better communication and fulfilling our commitment to equality.


An organization culture defines its identity. The company’s way of doing business is perceived by both the clients as well as employees of the organization, and is determined by its culture. These values and beliefs help in building the brand image among the clients and stakeholders. Having said that, the senior leaders ensure that the employees are valued and appreciated and in turn can be more productive, more efficient, and more focused on their performance.

To conclude, when joining our team, the employee has the opportunity to be a part of the company that not only believes in success and but also brightens the future for all.

Great Culture attracts a great partner and in turn ensures Great Success!


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