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Founding Members

Amit Aggarwal and Dr. Amit Goel started Effectual back in 2010 after having worked at leading patent advisory firms. They have successfully grown Effectual Services to be recognized as one of the leading IP and R&D research support firms in the IP industry.

Amit Aggarwal was the driving force behind a lot of our initiatives and we have a mission to build an even bigger legacy for him.

Amit had extensive experience specifically within the IP domain and had worked with leading multi-national and regional corporations on patent strategy, business planning, operations, patent infringement, prior art searches, patent litigation and enforcement support services.

Amit holds a law degree, a masters degree in management and bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. He had also undergone extensive training in patent law from US and European patent attorneys and had received certifications from organizations like WIPO, GIIP, IP Central, Lee & Hayes, and Microsoft.

(19th Sep 1980 - 4th Aug 2020)

Amit Aggarwal, Co Founder

Amit has over 16 years of experience in research and development and has been handling patent research services for technology companies and IP law firms. He works with leading Indian and global clients and has managed various project involving patent preparation and prosecution, patent licensing, patent litigation, and patent portfolio management and analysis.

He is a doctorate with specialization in mobile communication and has authored more than thirty research publications in International/National Journals/Conferences. In addition, Amit has been trained in patent laws (US, EP and India) from organizations like Microsoft, WIPO, IP Central, Lee & Hayes and US and EP Attorneys.


Dr. Amit Goel, Co Founder