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Importance and Benefits of Artificial intelligence for Patent Searching

Every year with the growth in new technologies and inventions there have been an astounding growth in volume of intellectual property literature. Internationally, this data has to be gathered, stored, and classified in multiple formats and languages so that it can be used as and when required. However, data alone does not create a competitive […]

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Patent filing for technology: Transforming smartphone industry in 2020

Apple introduced the first smartphone in 2007, and since then, peoples’ daily lives have changed dramatically. The difference in the capability of the original iPhone and the iPhone 11 is massive. The first iPhone had just 128 megabytes of RAM, a processor with a clock speed of 412 MHz, and a maximum storage capacity of […]

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5 best ways to motivate and help increase productivity of employees during lockdown

Here are a few motivational and helpful ways for increasing the productivity of employees during the lockdown. The world has been brought down on its knees at the onset of Covid-19 pandemic. Preventive actions for Covid-19 include avoiding social gathering and maintaining social distance, and thus complete or partial lockdown of nation. The virus can […]

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Reducing Excess Claims During PCT National Phase Entry in India and Voluntary Amendments

Introduction When a PCT National Phase application is filed with Indian Patent Office (IPO), the applicant may wish to file claims in-line with the claims which have been submitted with other countries such as US, EP and these claims may have been granted/allowed during prosecution in US/EP etc. Therefore, in order to make the prosecution […]

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Trademark Opposition System in India: Grounds, Provisions and Procedure at Indian Patent Office (IPO)

Introduction Once a trademark application is filed at Trademark Registry, it is examined by the Trademark Registrar with respect to distinctiveness of an applied mark. If the Trademark Registrar gets satisfied about the distinct nature of the applied mark and feels that there are no existing similar mark(s) in the register of Trademarks, then the […]

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IP protection in the autonomous vehicle space

Autonomous technology is one of the most significant developments in the transportation sector. A growing number of automotive and electronics organisations across the world are working with new clients to create self-driving vehicles and the race is heating up to own IP rights and protect various technological advancements in this domain. The rate of patent […]

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Section 3 of Indian Patent Act: Importance and Interpretation

Invention(s) not Patentable As per Indian Patent Act, all inventions should fall under patentable criteria for patenting process. The patentable criteria are “Novelty”, “Inventive step” and “Industrial Application”. Further in addition to possessing the above criteria, the invention should also not fall under Section 3 related to non patentable subject matter and Section 4 related […]

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New tools and advancements in biological sequence searching

Biological molecules play a significant role in both human and animals and it thus necessary to apply knowledge of biological molecules for healthcare, pharmaceutical, diagnostics and biotechnology purposes. These biological molecules are formed of DNA, RNA or protein, which are built from a continuous chain of nucleotide bases or amino acids – called a biological […]