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Blockchain- Transforming And Revolutionising Intellectual Property Rights in India

“The ultimate aim of making the innovational sphere a fair playfield to nurture as well as promote innovation, depends solely on the amount on reliability as well as transparency we can offer. The introduction of the Blockchain to the supply chain is the catalyst we need to achieve all of that.” The spark towards the […]

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Efficient use of search tools for prior art and patent searching

Potential applicants are recommended to carry out a prior art search to check whether their invention is novel. These searches can create stronger claim development, as well as verifying that the invention does not infringe another’s intellectual property, thereby avoiding any potentially expensive litigation further down the line. When performing a prior art search, patents […]

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Patent law: Transforming the telecommunications industry

The telecommunications industry is perhaps the largest driving force behind almost all other industries that benefit from it – it is the epicenter for a variety of other industries that depend on it. Remember how online payments of electricity bills, and online bank transactions 10 years back have now moved to apps sitting in our […]

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Protecting AI inventions

When AI was first introduced, one of the founding fathers of the technology Professor John McCarthy said that: “AI is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs.” Since then, there has been a  vast amount of breakthrough research in the industry, which is evident from the fact that almost 386,428 related […]

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Protecting AI and machine-learning inventions

“Artificial Intelligence is a new digital frontier that will have a profound impact on the world, transforming the way we live and work” – Francis Gurry, WIPO director general Technological advances in smart machines and computers are having a huge impact on the banking, business, communication, defence, education, internet, medical and transport sectors. They are […]

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Patents Applications In India: Provisions And Importance For Startups

Technology has played a major part in the advancements of patents in India Make in India has positively affected the patent applications in India both in terms of filing by Indian applicants and foreign applicants.Under Startup India, Startups become eligible for benefits such as 80% rebate on patent fees. With the development of human intellect, […]