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Time2Leap National MSME Award – Effectual Services awarded for the Year 2020 – 2021

3nd Feb 2021, Noida- Effectual Services a leading IPR Firm, today announced that they have received the Time2Leap National Awards – MSME for the Year 2020 – 2021. In recognition for outstanding accomplishment in the field- Best Intellectual Property Company of the Year. The certificate was presented by Shri Pratap Chandra Sarangi (Hon’ble Minister of […]

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Effectual Services is proud to announce that Dr. Amit Goel is recognized as IAM Strategy 300 Global Leader

19th January 2021, Noida- Dr. Amit Goel has been recognized as one of the Global Leaders by IAM Strategy 300. Dr. Amit Goel, Director has been handling client engagements with tech firms, law firms and universities, for providing patent prosecution, patent commercialization, patent litigation, and patent analytic services. He has expertise in patent litigation and […]

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The Role of Intellectual Property in economic development

IP is a powerful tool for economic development and wealth creation that is not yet being used to most effect in all countries, particularly in the developing world. Intellectual Assets are considered the most powerful assets by some of the world’s largest and popular companies, based on their number of annual filings. Intellectual property such […]

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Automated proofreading tools are the key to submitting the perfect application

Proofreading a patent is crucial to maintaining its quality and its workability. Errors may be clerical, grammatical or in the claim numbering (among many other forms), and can creep in anywhere in the patent, whether it be in the introductory page (face page), specification, claims or drawing. Since the USPTO does not provide a copy […]

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CAR-T Innovative Technology with Surge in IP

A process to manufacture or develop a therapeutic drug is a highly complex matter that requires deep involvement of numerous elements such as drug discovery, clinical trials, FDA approval, and IP feasibility.  The use of CAR-T cell (Chimeric antigen receptor T cell) therapy in medicine embodies the essence of the future therefore healthcare companies are […]

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Biosimilar – Patent Dance

A biosimilar is a biologic product similar to another already approved biological medicine (known as ‘reference medicine’). The biosimilar (complex molecules) is not a generic product of a biological medicine in comparison to pharmaceutical generic medicines (small molecules) because the biosimilar exhibits natural variability and complex manufacturing that do not allow an exact replication of […]

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Acne – Treatment and Market Overview

Acne vulgaris, commonly known as acne is a chronic inflammatory disease. The inflamed elevations (papules, pustules, nodules, and cysts), comedones (blackheads and whiteheads), and scars are symptoms that normally appeared on the skin because of acne. The statistics have disclosed 80 percent of people suffer from acne between the onset of puberty and 30 years […]

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Biological material is an alternate to produce renewable energy called Biofuel. Biofuel offers a possible alternative to petroleum-based fuels or fossil fuels. The explosive and healthy growth in the biofuel market has constantly been catching eyes over the past decade.  The main goal to embrace biofuel is to break the rusty chain of environmental pollution […]

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Emission from the transport sector has major contribution to climate change. It forms about 15% of annual emissions which also includes non-CO2 gases as well. 72% of the global transmission come from road vehicles. The top 10 countries with largest transportation emissions in 2014 were: United States, China, Russia, India, Brazil, Japan, Canada, Germany, Mexico […]